Happy Navaratri 2019: Share These WhatsApp Messages, Wishes and Quotes with Your Loved One

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For those celebrating the festival this year, share these wishes and messages with your loved one.

Navratri 2019 is here, and so begins the time of festivities for all the Hindus around the world. Literally translating as ‘nine-nights’, Navratri is a Hindu festival that is celebrated across India and the world. The festival celebrates nine forms of Goddess Durga on nine days. The Navratri is a time for prosperity and happiness for everyone.

If you are also celebrating the festival this year, share these wishes and messages with your loved one:

-- May Durga maa empower you and your family with her nine Swaroop of Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Education, Bhakti & Shakti. HAPPY NAVRATRAS!

-- Have feast and have fun, the dandiya raas has just begun, may the brightness of Navratri, fill your days with cheer. A very Happy Navratri to you!

-- As these nights are filled with colorful garba and dandiya dances. Enjoy this Navratri festival!

-- Today on first NAVRATRA, may goddess DURGA shower her blessings on you. May she give prosperous to you and to your family. Happy Navratra!

-- A new day is here again; perfect and untainted. Make the best of it, spreading joy and unconditional love throughout. Happy Navratri.

-- I bow to Adi-Shakti, the primal power, I bow to the all-encompassing power, I bow to the creative power, I bow to the divine mother. Happy Navratri!

-- Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Shakti Rupen Samsthita. Power to stay composed in chaos, power to be kind and righteous, more power to you. Have a blessed Navratri!

-- Thank you O Goddess Divine for sharing your love and radiance for Life, flowing through us and around us. Happy Navratri! May each soul receive Her blessings as she comes riding her lion.

-- May the 9 avatars of Maa Durga bless you with 9 qualities – power, happiness, humanity, peace, knowledge, devotion, name, fame and health.

-- May the auspicious days of Vasant Navratri manifest energy (shakti), wealth (lakshmi), and knowledge (gyaan) into your life Happy Navratras!

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