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Harry Styles Has Grown a Moustache and Fans Can’t Keep Calm

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Harry Styles posted a picture recently where he shows off his new look. Take a look.

The coronavirus lockdown has made all of us sit back at home. During these times, while some people have worked on their skills, others have grown a new look altogether. Singer Harry Styles has shifted to a new and rusty look during the lockdown period.

The actor, who has always sported a clean-shaven look, has left his fans surprised with the new look resembling a vintage actor. The picture of his latest style, donning a moustache, was shared on Instagram by Villa Manodori, an Italy-based company known for its extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

“Many thanks for your visit @harrystyles, enjoy our little gift (sic)!” read the post shared four days ago.

In the picture, Styles is wearing a green-and-white striped shirt tucked neatly into straight-legged jeans, sported with facial hair and aviators.

Ever since the picture was shared online, his fans and followers seem to have been in a frenzy.

Expressing his disbelief, a user wrote, “Can u believe Harry Styles just invented the mustache (sic)?”

Another mentioned, “I don't understand how he manages to pull off everything and anything. Now I need this creepy uncle from the 1970s in my life.”

Someone even compared him to Freddie Mercury, the British singer who was the part of the band Queen.

A fan ever wrote, “Harry Styles is the only man that is allowed to have a mustache. I will be answering no questions at this time.”

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Meanwhile, a few others asked him to get rid of the new look:

Do you like or dislike Harry's new look?