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5 Best Nootropic Supplements and Smart Drugs In USA For 2022

5 Best Nootropic Supplements and Smart Drugs In USA For 2022

As we go from childhood to maturity, it is critical that we maintain our attention in order to perform to our full potential.

Do you ever experience periods of time when your mind becomes foggy? Or how about those times when you just cannot think of anything? These sensations are often accompanied by feelings of inactivity or maybe mental exhaustion.

As we go from childhood to maturity, it is critical that we maintain our attention in order to perform to our full potential. If you’re sick of feeling this way, you may want to explore the world of nootropics. However, you may be wondering what a nootropic is. Let us begin with it.

Nootropics are a sort of supplement that may help you improve your cognitive abilities, creativity, and memory, among other things. Including these substances in your regular regimen may help you perform better overall.

Additionally, they could be able to assist you with everyday activities and obligations. These supplements have been shown to have a good influence on your brain’s general function.

Additionally, they may be able to assist with any mental deficits associated with aging. Therefore, if you’ve been feeling uninspired and uncertain of how to energize yourself recently, nootropics may be the answer.

What Is the Definition of Nootropics?

Nootropics, often known as smart medications, are chemicals that interact with the body in order to enhance cognitive function.

Nootropics stimulate the brain in a variety of ways, enhancing memory retention, attentiveness, and mental vigor. There are two sorts of nootropics: prescription and non-prescription.

  • Prescription nootropics are stimulants prescribed by a physician to treat a particular medical condition, such as dementia, narcolepsy, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Adderall and Provigil are two prescription nootropics (modafinil).
  • Non-prescription nootropics are supplements that are available over the counter, such as those in this list. Non-prescription supplements may also include substances found in daily items, such as caffeine, L-theanine, and Omega-3 fatty acids.

How to choose the Best Nootropic for You?

Everybody has unique requirements for the greatest nootropic or smart medication. Some individuals want a nootropic to increase their attention, while others want to raise their memory or verbal fluency. Still others want overall cognitive improvement, which boosts all of their brain’s functions.

There is no one-size-fits-all nootropic. It depends on the purpose for which you want to utilize brain supplements.

The ‘best nootropic’ is one that is tailored to your specific requirements. It provides your brain with the assistance it needs to develop the areas of cognition that are most in need of improvement.

The greatest nootropics provide natural support for what you already have; they do not make you “smarter,” but rather help your brain work more effectively – which may increase your ability to learn, remember, and concentrate, among other things.

Brain supplements (smart drugs) provide the organ with the natural nutrients it need to operate optimally.

When you’ve discovered the greatest cognitive enhancers that work for you, you’ll begin to notice and feel the difference in mental sharpness.

Top 5 Best Brain Supplements of 2022

Nootropics have grown in popularity as we demand more and more of our brains in today’s multitasking society. They operate by improving blood flow to the brain and may be taken on a regular basis to aid with cognitive function improvement. Additionally, nootropic supplementation has been associated with neuroprotection and neuro-regeneration. Beyond just enhancing your brain’s health, nootropic vitamins may help you safeguard and even enhance your brain over time.

Regardless matter why you’re interested in nootropics; we have the inside scoop on the best of the best. We’ll walk you through the best goods on the market and discuss them in depth.
Let’s check out the best brain enhancing supplements of 2022.

1) Noocube

NooCube is a supplement manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a reputed manufacturer of some of the most popular supplements on the market, including testosterone boosters, legal steroids, and fat burners.

They developed this brain booster using a neuroscientist-designed mixture that has been thoroughly examined and tested. It comprises seven quality components that have been professionally shown to be safe for consumption.

NooCube is one of the most effective brain boosting pills now available for enhancing job endurance, multitasking ability, memory, cognitive function, and attention. It works by increasing neurotransmitter synthesis and promoting neuron growth and repair in the brain.

It contains substances that may benefit those who feel their mental faculties are deteriorating as they age, and it is free of potentially dangerous chemicals and negative effects.

Additionally, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee to demonstrate their trust in the product. They ship worldwide and each bottle has a thirty-day supply. When purchasing numerous bottles in bulk, you may take advantage of a variety of special offers and savings.

Noocube’s Advertised Benefits

According to the Noocube website, this supplement contains a potent combination of amino acids, vitamins, and other elements that are necessary for optimal brain health. Noocube pills for the brain may be used to increase brain function, communication, mental vigor, and short-term memory.

Noocube is one of the most popular nootropic supplements, with over 124,000 delighted customers, and the company claims to improve your cognitive skills within 30 minutes of administration.

How Noocube Works

Noocube includes a variety of amino acids, with L-theanine being the most prevalent. L-theanine balances the chemical levels in the brain, so reversing the effects of stress, disease, and medicine.

The interaction of this chemical with your physiology may increase dopamine and serotonin levels, therefore boosting your mood and sleep quality while decreasing your stress levels.

A 2012 research found that consuming 100 milligrams of L-theanine increases mental attention while decreasing brain fog. Additionally, additional components such as Huperzine A, L-tyrosine, and oat straw aid in cognitive improvement.

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2) Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro, one of the most popular brain supplements, is loaded with 11 well-researched and scientifically proven brain-boosting components.

Additionally, this brain supplement includes numerous unique and sophisticated nutrients, including NutriGenesis®, a proprietary combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids derived by seeding living single-cell organisms with micronutrients in a hydroponic system to boost mental vigor and performance.

By increasing the bioavailability of other nutrients in the nootropic mix, NutriGenesis® assists in their absorption.

Our nootropic pill is quite pricey in comparison to the majority of the brain supplements on this list.

Nonetheless, Mind Lab Pro’s strong cognitive function enhancer mix is well worth the price.

The Mind Lab Pro has no superfluous or filler components and is widely considered to be one of the top nootropic solutions available online. It is an ideal first nootropic for those who are considering taking a brain-boosting vitamin for the first time.

Opti-Nutra, a health and wellness corporation managed by experienced neuroscientists, produced Mind Lab Pro. Dr. Ramon Velazquex, Ph.D., is the chair of Mind Lab’s medical advisory board.

The Advertised Advantages of Using Mind Lab Pro

According to the brand’s website, Mind Lab Pro is the world’s top nootropic stack, ranking first in long-term brain health, memory retention, attention, and cognitive performance.

Additionally, this nootropics combination is marketed as unleashing 100 percent brain power and increasing mental processing speed.

Mind Lab Pro makes some big claims regarding the cognitive advantages of this product. However, long-term users’ evaluations confirm these statements.

How Mind Lab Pro Works

The two most noticeable elements in the Mind Lab Pro mix are the Lion’s Mane fungus and Bacopa Monnieri. The lion’s mane mushroom boosts brain cell development, hence reducing the risk of degenerative brain illnesses associated with gradual memory loss.

Bacopa Monnieri stimulates the release of brain chemicals necessary for thinking, learning, and recalling new knowledge.

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3) Performance Lab Mind

As the name implies, Performance Lab Mind is a very powerful formula for cognitive enhancement created by Performance Lab.

The pill is said to increase brain activity by up to 13.6 percent.

Additionally, the Performance Lab Mind aids in the alleviation of symptoms related with brain fog, including disorientation, poor concentration, loss of mental clarity, difficulty to concentrate, forgetfulness, low motivation, low energy, sleep troubles, and headaches.

The chemicals in Performance Lab Mind help you recuperate from strong cognitive effort and eliminate mental tiredness. It includes potent antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that your brain needs to operate properly.

The Advertised Advantages of Performance Lab Nootropics

According to Performance Lab, the developer of Performance Mind Lab, this supplement is the only one that can assist your brain recuperate from extreme activity while enhancing your cognitive ability.

These smart medications are marketed to have a broad variety of cognitive advantages, including enhanced speed, energy, attention, and motivation. After many months of daily use of this brain supplement, you should notice an improvement in your intrinsic concentration and productivity.

The Mechanism of Action of Performance Lab Nootropics

Choline CDP is a naturally occurring brain molecule found throughout the body. This adaptable component works with the brain by enhancing the creation of phosphatidylcholine, a substance necessary for regular brain function and cell regeneration.

Taking this nootropic vitamin quickly improves cognitive function, giving you with the mental clarity and energy you need to work or study.

Additionally, this formula has medicinal characteristics. If you are sleep deprived or overworked, the product will assist in restoring blood flow throughout your body while also stimulating the growth of new brain cells.

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4) Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus, developed by Roar Ambition, is a nootropic pill made entirely of natural, high-quality components that improves cognitive performance.

Hunter Focus is positioned as an innovative method for eradicating brain fog.

Due to the supplement’s clarity on its ingredients, it is one of the most often recommended nootropics. As one of the best nootropics and smart medications on the market, this brain supplement seeks to enhance your brain connections in order to boost mental performance.

Advertised Advantages of Adopting a Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus is a well-known nootropic supplement company that promotes their product as a way to boost focus, concentration, and alertness. Taking this vitamin may potentially boost your creativity by maximizing your intellectual capacity.

This smart medicine counteracts all of the impacts of aging by providing mental advantages such as increased attention, improved mood, increased energy, and improved memory. Additionally, Hunter Focus supports the health of your brain cells, enhancing cognitive performance and lowering your chance of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

How Hunter Focus Works

Hunter Focus has a number of substances that work synergistically with the brain and nervous system to increase mental energy, enhance cerebral blood flow, and support cognitive health.

Additionally, taking Hunter Focus can elevate your mood and make you feel more energized and determined to do your everyday duties. This intelligent medicine is one of the greatest natural nootropics for preventing amnesia, improving sleep quality, and increasing daytime alertness.

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5) Brain Pill

Brain Pill has established a reputation as the most effective nootropic product for entrepreneurs.

The cutting-edge recipe combines 13 very effective components that enable business professionals to function at their optimum mental sharpness. Users can then outwork and outthink their competitors.

Brain Pill provides a variety of cognitive advantages. The drugs have been shown to increase brain activity while dispelling mental fog and safeguarding working memory. Additionally, the cognitive enhancer makes it simpler for individuals to acquire new material.

Advertised Advantages of Using a Brain Pill

Brain Pill claims that it is the only nootropic company that have put its product to clinical testing throughout the formulation process.

The clinical trials included a 12-week placebo-controlled research with 74 individuals ranging in age from 18 to 60. The research found that every individual who took Brain Pills reported an improvement in cognitive performance as a result of the supplement’s support for the brain’s nerve growth factor.

Participants who got this smart medicine reported an increase in their capacity for learning and memorizing new knowledge.

How the Brain Pill Functions

Brain Pill is a smart medicine that contains a variety of beneficial substances that work together to maintain the proper balance of brain chemicals and enhance cognitive performance.

The most important component is Ginkgo Biloba, which has a high antioxidant content and a variety of anti-inflammatory qualities.

Numerous studies have connected Ginkgo Biloba to better mental function and brain energy, which aids with memory and learning. Additionally, L-theanine increases brain energy and protects against long-term cognitive loss.

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Natural Nootropic Ingredients for Improving Cognitive Function


A freshly brewed cup of coffee may significantly improve cognitive performance.

The psychotropic drug inhibits the brain’s adenosine receptors. This activity inhibits brain cells from receiving signals indicating fatigue from other parts of the body.

Caffeine, in moderation, may improve focus and alertness. Caffeine may also help prevent weariness and oxidative damage. Some of the best memory supplements contain caffeine.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Mane of a lion Mushrooms are shaggy-looking mushrooms with a mane like that of a lion. In Japan, South Korea, China, and India, the fungus has a culinary and medicinal purpose. It includes bioactive components that have been shown to benefit the function of the heart, gut, and brain.

The mushroom rejuvenates brain chemistry, resulting in the production of more healthy brain cells.

Due to its regenerative property, experts have suggested that it might be used as a possible therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. Other research have shown that the nootropic may help alleviate sadness and anxiety symptoms.


Did you know that drinking tea may help you maintain mental acuity?

This is because tea has a high concentration of L-theanine.

The amino acid relaxes the nervous system and has been shown to boost alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with creativity.

L-theanine is most effective when combined with caffeine. The two chemicals improve performance in a variety of situations, like taking an exam or playing basketball. Additionally, both of these natural nootropics are found in caffeinated drinks such as tea.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa monnieri makes an enticing argument for becoming the world’s first smart medication.

For millennia, the ancient plant has been used in Ayurvedic therapy. According to researchers, it may help with memory retention, brain processing speed, and recall speed.

Do not anticipate an immediate cognitive revolution as a result of taking Bacopa Monnieri. The nootropic is metabolized slowly, resulting in a delayed effect. According to experts, 300 to 600 mg of this plant every day improves memory.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea may be found in the highlands of Europe and Asia.

The adaptogenic herb supports the body’s equilibrium. Individuals using the nootropic may anticipate a wave of serenity washing over their thoughts and body.

Rhodiola rosea acts as an antidote to exhaustion. The intelligent medicine protects against oxidative stress, which might show as sadness or mental tiredness. Additionally, a study of over 30 animal studies showed that it may enhance cognitive skills in mice.

Panax Ginseng

It may be as easy as taking a Panax ginseng tablet to improve memory.

The medicinal plant originates in East Asia, where it is used to alleviate mental exhaustion and boost academic performance. It has potent anti-inflammatory capabilities that protect newly formed brain cells against oxidative damage.

Panax ginseng is most effective when used in moderation. The body adjusts to its effects, reducing the efficacy of the smart medicine over time. The most effective strategy for improving mental performance while using Panax ginseng is to take periodic pauses from the nootropic to allow the body to reset.

Ginkgo Biloba

For generations, the Chinese have employed Ginkgo biloba in medicine. The tree is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, making it great for memory enhancement.

According to some research, the nootropic may enhance blood circulation by up to 12%.

Ginkgo Biloba seems to have the potential to increase brain function as well. It has been related to increased mental acuity and well-being in small studies. Scientists must to conduct large-scale experiments to fully grasp the breadth of possible advantages.

Maritime Pine Bark Extract

For millennia, Mediterranean people have enjoyed the advantages of maritime pine bark extract.

The chemical is used for a variety of medicinal applications, including the treatment of asthma and impaired circulation.

Due to its ability to increase blood flow, the nootropic may also help with memory and cognition.

Capsules, powders, and liquid tinctures are available to consumers. The appropriate dosage will vary according to an individual’s health, weight, and objectives. There are no significant negative effects associated with the nootropic, while pregnant women and elderly persons may develop sensitivity.


CDP-choline is critical for cognitive wellness.

Choline is required for the body to manufacture acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter released by neurons to convey impulses throughout the brain. Neurons that are healthy aid the brain in learning, recalling, and memorizing information.

CDP-choline is also involved in the healing of brain cells. It releases uridine into the bloodstream, allowing the brain to repair, regenerate, and replenish neurons. Additionally, the drug is associated with higher ATPin cells, which provides people with the mental energy necessary to tackle lengthy days at school or job.

B-12 vitamin

Although the body manufactures vitamin B-12 naturally, a supplement may significantly boost mental function.

Vitamin B6 performs a variety of functions in the body, including cell maintenance in the nervous system and DNA synthesis. Most significantly, it may contribute to the prevention of neuronal loss.

Neurons enable the transmission of impulses to the brain. With aging, these specialized cells degrade, which may result in memory loss and dementia. Vitamin B-12 may be able to protect neurons and prevent the deterioration of cognition.

How Did We Decide Which Nootropic Supplements Were The Best?

While other nootropics pills make similar claims, only the finest keep their promises.

Our editorial team selected the top nootropic pills available on the market after poring through lab results, clinical trials, research papers, and customer reviews. While compiling the list, our editorial staff considered the following factors:

Advertised Mental Health Advantages

In 2019, the United States Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to the public about marketing and advertising frauds using nootropic pills. Our editorial crew was especially suspicious of businesses that made exaggerated promises regarding their items. No product on this list makes exaggerated claims about its efficacy by promising to enhance your brain overnight. We listed only items from firms who advertise in an honest and transparent manner.

Ingredients that Have Been Scientifically Validated

We chose nootropic pills containing genuine nootropic substances that have been clinically validated over supplements containing filler chemicals with no scientific basis. All of the nootropic pills on this list include plant and herbal extracts whose efficacy in promoting brain health has been scientifically shown. Each supplement on the list contains substances that have been thoroughly researched, clinically evaluated, and scientifically proved.

Doses That Are Both Safe and Effective

All supplements on our list include the recommended doses of the correct components. The efficiency of a nootropic compound is highly dependent on the amount of ingredients. At times, using single ingredient in excess or insufficiently may make the whole mixture useless.


The majority of nootropic pills on the market disguise ineffective doses and filler components behind proprietary mixes. Many businesses in the supplement industry lead you to assume their product includes patented brain-boosting chemicals when all you’re receiving is 300 milligrams of caffeine concealed inside a 350 milligram custom mix. Our editorial staff was particularly suspicious of firms that failed to publish complete ingredient labels or concealed dosages behind proprietary mixes.

Evidence from Anecdotal and Empirical Sources

Even the greatest nootropic pills sometimes fail to provide benefits. What is effective for one individual may not be effective for another. As a result, we compiled the list based on consumer feedback and subjective experiences. Occasionally, supplements that are not supported by a large body of scientific study prove to be the most beneficial.


While some nootropic pills are created by physicians, others are created by marketers. All of the supplements on our list were either produced by physicians or include formulae developed with the input of a medical advisory board.

Clinical Examinations

Clinical trials are costly and time consuming, which is why the majority of businesses do not invest in them. The majority of the supplements on our list are manufactured by firms that conduct clinical trials and conduct peer-reviewed research. Certain corporations pay third-party laboratories to evaluate the efficacy of their formulae.

The Manufacturer’s Reputation

All of the goods on our list are manufactured by highly reputable companies that are well-known for their high-quality, effective formula. The manufacturer’s reputation was not just determined by its age.

Cost & Value

While some individuals may choose to spend $100 per month on nootropic pills, others are seeking for more affordable solutions to enhance cognitive performance. As a result, our list covers goods in a variety of pricing levels. Regardless of their price, all items are safe and provide excellent value.

Policy on Refunds

Our editorial team prioritized items that come with a satisfaction guarantee and a return policy while preparing the list. The vast majority, if not all, of the supplements on our list provide a money-back guarantee.

The Advantages of Using Nootropic Supplements

Nootropic pills are often associated with dangerous items, such as anabolic steroids, and are thus avoided at all costs. However, the correct nootropic substance may provide a variety of advantages, including enhanced brain efficiency to boost daily productivity.

Additionally, premium nootropics include beneficial elements such as amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that can lessen your chance of developing brain-related health problems such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. The sections that follow provide an in-depth examination of the advantages of nootropic pills.

Promote Brain Cell Health

Nootropic substances promote the growth, recuperation, and maintenance of brain cells, hence assuring optimum cellular performance. By promoting the health of brain cells, these supplements help prevent brain-related health problems, such as dementia.

In this post, we discussed the top nootropic pills for brain health, including Mind Lab Pro and Hunter Focus. However, other products, such as Noocube, contribute to the health of brain cells.

Enhance Mental Functioning

Interrupted neural pathways may result in foggy thinking, mental exhaustion, and a lack of attention. By optimizing communication along these routes, a nootropic substance may help you reach your brain’s maximum capacity. Additionally, your long-term memory will certainly increase, making it simpler to acquire and assimilate new knowledge.

Increased mental energy is another advantage of nootropic pills, since it decreases your need on coffee and energy drinks. Noocube and Brain Pill are the greatest supplements for mental performance enhancement.

Improves short-term memory and cognitive function

As you age, the brain networks responsible for short-term memory deteriorate, leading you to forget routine knowledge. Individuals with weak short-term memory often forget names, appointments, or responsibilities, hurting their productivity and general quality of life.

Amino acid-rich nootropic substances reestablish communication along these channels. You’re likely to see a considerable increase in your short-term memory when you use these supplements. Hunter Focus has the optimal formulation for optimizing this aspect of brain health.

Enhance Concentration and Productivity

Working long hours results in the accumulation of chemicals around nerve receptors in brain regions. Taking a supplement clears these regions, allowing for proper brain cell communication. If you are required to work long hours or suffer from sleep deprivation, these vitamins will help you remain focused, avoid distractions, and maintain a high level of productivity.

Enhance Your Mood

Numerous variables, including stress, exhaustion, low blood sugar, and even some drugs, may alter your mood. Nootropics work by interacting with the brain to correct chemical imbalances and improve mood.

In rare situations, a nootropic may also be used to treat persistent anxiety or depression, boosting your energy and motivation to go through the day. Performance Lab Mind is one of the greatest supplements for mood enhancement.


Nootropics, or smart medications, have exploded in popularity within the supplement industry.

Everyone, from seniors to college kids, is using smart medications to enhance cognitive performance.

If you’re seeking for the greatest nootropics for you, it’s critical to do research and discover which one works best for you and your unique circumstances. Hopefully, this post helped you understand what some of the top products accomplish and how they might assist you.

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