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Here are Simple Tips for People of All Age Groups to Keep Cardiovascular Health in Check

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From working out regularly to monitoring your weight and eating healthy, here are simple tips to keep cardiovascular health in check.

This year has been a stressful one for everybody while being stuck inside the house due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Though the younger generation is busy working from home and also keeping up their fitness routine with a simple workout at home, elderly people are not able to keep track of their health issues while becoming more inactive. They have been neglecting medical attention in fear of acquiring covid-19, which can totally raise the risk of their heart health.

Preventing heart disease depends on changing lifestyle and making healthy habits. Any age group can follow the simple steps at home to ensure your heart health:


Follow a healthy diet routine to keep your heart healthy. Make sure to consume a lot of green vegetables and fruits while limiting consumption of junk-food. Red meat is also good for your heart. Drink an adequate amount of water regularly.

Follow a Routine

Make and follow a proper routine. Waking up and sleeping at regular times will help to balance your body clock to work accordingly. Taking adequate breaks or making weekends relaxing can really help to maintain your overall health.

Use digital mode to socialize

Isolation can lead to many health problems including depression, which also affects your heart. Make video-calls with your closed ones, go for zoom-conference calls, and join virtual learning classes.

Don’t Smoke or consume alcohol

Smoking and drinking are harmful to your health. It also decreases immunity which can make you prone to infections.

Watch your weight

Maintain a healthy weight and BMI record. A healthy body will help to keep your heart in check and reduce the possibility of other diseases.

Workout for your fitness

Any exercise will help to keep your health active and fit. Do an everyday fitness routine of exercises like walking, aerobics, or dancing for at least 30 minutes in a day.

Take breaks in between work

Taking small breaks will help you to relax and control your stress level which will also help your heart.

Seek medical attention

Do not ignore any simple signs or abnormalities in your body including chest pain, undue breathlessness, swelling of legs, and dizziness. It can be an indication of heart-related problems or cardiac illness. Give attention especially to those 70 years of age and above.

Follow the prescribed medicine

Those people who are diagnosed with heart conditions, diabetes, high BP and high cholesterol must follow and continue their medications.