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Holi 2019: Your Complete Eye-Care Guide for Holi This Year

Holi 2019: Your Complete Eye-Care Guide for Holi This Year

Scroll down to find out how to safeguard your eyes from infections and injury and enjoy Holi to the fullest with these simple guidelines.

Holi is one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India. It brings joy and fervour along with an array of vibrant colours. While people are becoming increasingly conscious about the benefits of using herbal and organic colours while playing Holi, a lot of people still use the inexpensive ones that are easily available in the market.

This Holi, Dr Sudipto Pakrasi, Opthalmology, Medanta - The Medicity shares a few tips so you could protect your eyes from going through any kind of injury or infection.

What are the kind of infections and injuries that can affect your eyes?

Chemical injury

This is caused by the toxic chemicals present in colours such as copper sulphate, silica, heavy metals, etc. which are not goodfor the eye. When they come in contact with the surface of the eye, it results in symptoms which can vary from irritation, itching, watering, redness and a significant amount of glare called photophobia because of which one is unable to keep the eyes open. This may also lead to temporary blindness.

Mechanical injury

This can happen due to a jet of water from the water gun, directly hitting your eye. It can cause trauma to the cornea (the outer transparent layer of the eye) and damage it.

Blunt injury

The third type of injury that can happen is blunt injury, which is caused by the eye being hit by water balloons. This can lead to haemorrhage inside the eye, dislocation of lens, cataract, detachment of the retina, thereby leading to possible permanent loss of vision. When chemicals penetrate the eye, it causes inflammation resulting in Uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye) which can be threatening in the long run.

It is important to safeguard your eyes and enjoy the festival to the fullest by following these simple guidelines:

•Tie your hair neatly in a bun or ponytail or cover it with a cap to prevent colour dripping from the hair into the eyes.

•Use organic colours which are made from natural ingredients and certified, hence are safe for the eyes and skin.

•If colour enters the eyes, rinse it thoroughly with clean and cold water for at least 10 minutes by opening your eyes in the water in your palms. Blink frequently and try to move the eyes around to help rinse off the colour. Consult an eye care professional immediately. Avoid rubbing the eyes as it aggravates itching.

•Using a lubricating eye-drop can be helpful.

•Wearing contact lenses while playing Holi is not recommended at all. In case the lenses come in contact with colour, they must be removed immediately with clean fingers. This is because contact lenses absorb the harmful chemicals present in colours and retain them.

•Wearing protective eyewear/ sunglass is advisable to prevent the colours from entering and affecting the eyes and prevention from mechanical damage.

•It is important to be cautious and cover your eyes when someone smears colour on your face.

•Beware of water balloons as they can damage your eyes.