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7 Ways to Relieve Sinus Pressure at Home

Representation purpose only.

Representation purpose only.

To release the pressure, it is important to drain the sinuses. Here are a few science-backed ways to release pressure from the sinuses at home.

The sinuses are hollow cavities in the skull. They are present on the front side of the skull, around the cheekbones, center of the forehead, between the eyes and behind the nose. These hollow cavities are internally lined by a type of skin known as the mucous membrane. The mucous membrane is susceptible to infections or allergic reactions that may cause inflammation and sinus blockages.

When the sinuses are unable to drain due to blockage, they swell up and pressure gets created within them. This pressure can lead to pain in the face, nose, cheeks and forehead.

To release the pressure, it is important to drain the sinuses. Here are a few science-backed ways to release pressure from the sinuses at home:

1. Nasal flushing

Rinsing the sinuses can keep the mucous membrane moist and relieve pressure in the sinuses. This also reduces the risk of upper respiratory diseases. Nasal flushing can be done using a neti pot (a small pot with an elongated spout).

Fill the pot with sterile water (boiled thoroughly and then cooled). Lean over the sink and slightly tilt the head to the left side. Insert the spout of the pot into the right nostril till the point of comfort and pour the solution. The solution will run from one nostril to the other, flushing away the pollen, bacteria, dirt and debris. Repeat the same for the other side.

2. Steam inhalation

Dry sinuses can increase sinus pressure and cause headaches and pain in other parts of the face. Inhaling steam can keep your sinuses moist and relieve any associated pain.

Steam inhalation is easy to practice at home. Lean over a pot filled with hot water and cover your head with a towel or thick cloth. Breathe in the steam through the nose for a few minutes You can do this 2-3 times a day. A steam bath may also help.

3. Resting 

Something as simple as a sound night’s sleep can reduce sinus pressure. Resting promotes the production of white blood cells that attack infection-causing viruses and bacteria. This results in pressure from the sinuses being released.

4. Hydration

Dehydration may dry out your sinuses and prevent drainage, causing pressure in the face. So it is important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water at regular intervals. Drinking warm water can promote the drainage of sinuses by increasing the nasal mucus velocity.

5. Head elevation

While sleeping, elevate the head above your chest level with pillows. This allows better drainage of the sinuses as you sleep. Sleeping in this position also prevents sinus buildup and can help you breathe more comfortably.

6. Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and physical activity

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are known to release tension from the body. Regular practise of these relaxation techniques could relieve your pain and discomfort and breathing exercises could improve sinus and respiratory health as well. Furthermore, moderate physical activity can help improve your recovery time and promote blood circulation, temporarily relieving congestion.

7. Facial massage

Some preliminary studies suggest that facial massage could help in the lymphatic drainage around the nose and cheeks and also ease the paranasal sinuses drainage, releasing the pressure from them. You can massage your face using a face or jade roller for this.

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