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How to Take Care of Your Physical Health in a Post Covid-19 World

Tarun Gill

Tarun Gill

As the pandemic has taken a toll on our mental as well as physical health, fitness expert Tarun Gill lists a few tips to take care of a good physique at home.

The second wave of COVID-19 has been shaking the entire nation with its deadliest effects. A few months back, the government had to impose lockdown-type restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. Due to this, gyms, spas, malls and many businesses came to a grinding halt. However, things are coming back on track gradually. But that doesn’t change the fact, we all are still at high risk. Stepping out of the house can be extremely dangerous especially at places like the gym, metro, market, etc.

Lockdown has forced us to be sedentary at home. Being confined between the four walls has made us sluggish. It becomes imperative for all of us to take care of our physique at home only. As the pandemic has taken a toll not only on our mental health but also on our physical health. India’s leading fitness expert Tarun Gill has listed down a few tips to take care of a good physique at home.


One of the best exercises to increase your core strength. In these difficult times, when we feel lethargic almost all the time, planks will help to stabilise and balance the body. If you are trying to shed those extra kilos from your belly, then also you can try planks. As it will make you burn calories and at the same time, your posture will be improved.


Jump Rope/ Skipping

Looking for a cardio exercise that can make you lose weight and increases your lungs capacity simultaneously? Then, all you need to do is skipping. Jumping rope is indeed a great calorie burner. Also, it results in many health benefits like improves heart health, strengthens your body flexibility and many more. Don’t forget that it gives you a natural glow on your skin.

Resistance Band

Workout at home requires lots of motivation and stimulation. At the same time, one needs the right kind of equipment like a Resistance Band. Also known as strength bands or exercise bands, these bands are apt for weightlifting, pull-ups and also for increasing your strength.


Exercising at home doesn’t mean you can eat anything and everything. Dieting plays an important role in maintaining a good physique. One has to be very careful about his/her diet means eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times is a MUST! Also, just make sure that you keep yourself very well hydrated before exercise and also after exercise to balance fluid losses,


COVID-19 had badly affected our mental health. Stressing out to manage our financials to getting worries of coming in the contact of nasty virus, the pandemic has given us a major shock for a lifetime. Hence, it becomes imperative to meditate daily at least for 5-10 minutes. It helps in relieving stress, fight from depression, controls anxiety and also has many health benefits. If you are trying to achieve good health and physique, then make meditation part of your daily routine.

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first published:June 25, 2021, 15:10 IST