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'I Have My Fathers Caribbean Body, Used to Hate This When I was in School': Masaba Gupta

Images: Instagram

Images: Instagram

Designer Masaba Gupta says she used to hate her body when she was in school, but has learned to love her Caribbean genes with time.

Designer Masaba Gupta was born to actress Neena Gupta and West Indies cricket legend Vivian Richards when they were in a relationship. Masaba, who often writes about body positivity, has opened up about struggling with her Caribbean genes and hating how she looked when she was in school.

But the designer learned to accept her body for the way it is and fall in love with her genetics. She posted a bunch of photos from her workout sessions during a lockdown, alongwith a long note.

"Nobody likes a chick with muscles • But I love it • I have my fathers Caribbean body all the way. I used to hate this same body when I was in school because I wanted to be dainty etc. Took me all those years to fall in complete,utter love with my genetics - I’ve had these arms since I was 17 or 18 maybe," she posted.

The 31-year-old continued, "A month in lockdown today. Worked out 27 out of the 30 days. I am not overweight or underweight or dieting ( and thankful for the food on my plate ) Infact I am eating everything that comes my way. Nothing was driving me except for the fear of being weak in body cos I was already feeling so weak in my mind at the beginning of this - so some lazy days some bad mood days some super chirpy days - a workout is always done. * this is hardly an issue as compared to the ones out there but I really felt like even if someone will feel as good as I feel as I write this,when they read it ....it will feel like a small victory for me."

Masaba has made a name for herself in the fashion world with her designs - a blend of traditional and modernity. Many Bollywood celebs are often spotted in her designs. Her parents never married and she was raised by her mother.

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