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In Times of Social Distancing Due to Coronavirus, the Internet is Bringing People Together

Chris Martin (L), Greta Thunberg (R)

Chris Martin (L), Greta Thunberg (R)

We may have underestimated the threat of coronavirus but certainly not the binding magic of music, art and culture. Here's a look at how the world is slowly gathering online as public goes private.

We're advocating and practicing social distancing and self-isolation as coronavirus spreads each day and things slowly move inside the home and online. But all is not lost as the entertainment industry and people in general are reacting to the deadly virus in their own way.

While popular artists like Elton John, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Miley Cyrus and many others rescheduled their usually-packed tours and have cancelled events, several musicians in the West including Chris Martin of rock band Coldplay and John Legend have come up with interesting ways to entertain their fans. In short, online concerts have taken on a new appeal as the virus keeps people inside.

In fact, AP News had earlier reported that Latin singers Juanes and Alejandro Sanz performed on YouTube Live while a pair of Metropolitan Opera stars too belted out tunes on Facebook and Instagram.

Russian-German pianist Igor Levit took to Twitter on Thursday to stream his music and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra live streamed a Beethoven symphony recently.

Now, while Coldplay's Martin advised his fans about taking extreme caution amid coronavirus outbreak, he also performed a few popular songs from Coldplay discography like Flock of Birds, Up and Up and others, helping in alleviating the stress of the virus spread, also making online a medium, once again, for people to come together.

Recently, climate change activist Greta Thunberg, 17, had also discouraged public gatherings and urged followers and like minded people to stage online protests via hashtag Climate Strike Online.

In a nutshell, tech world and its powerful tools are being deployed to create innovative solutions in many fields.

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