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Ciclo Cafe to Garbage Café: 7 Unique Indian Cafes As Per Your Mood

Ciclo Cafe to Garbage Café: 7 Unique Indian Cafes As Per Your Mood

Garbage Café is the latest in the number of unique cafe ideas that have come up around the country in the past few years.

In an addition to the list of innovative cafes in India, the country will get its first 'Garbage Café' soon, which will open in Chhattisgarh. The Garbage Café comes as a boon of poor people and rag pickers, who will get free food in exchange for one kilogram of plastic.

This is the latest in the number of unique cafe ideas that the country has churned out from time to time. Take a look at some of the other unique cafés that have opened in India.

Ciclo Cafe, Chennai:

This café is India's first cycle cafe where you can fulfill the dual purpose of getting your bikes washed up while you have your lunch or a cup of coffee. Known to be a hub for cycling enthusiasts, the café provides top-class lifestyle facilities for sales and service of premium bicycles, merchandise and accessories, expert advice on cycling, special activities and customised cycle rides, along with food and beverages. The café now has its branches in in Hyderabad and Gurgaon, too.

Sheroes Hangout Cafe, Agra:

Spreading a social message, Agra's Sheroes Hangout Café is run by acid attack survivors. Listen to inspiring stories of strong women while you have your breakfast. The cafe runs on a pay-as-you-wish concept and offers free Wifi.

Dialogues Cafe, Bengaluru:

At this unique café, you pay for the time you spend in the café, while everything you eat is on the house. The café provides reasonably priced weekly and monthly passes, and serves as co-working space for digital nomads and early startups.

Taste of Darkness, Hyderabad:

Want to have a taste of darkness? Step directly into this café in Hyderabad, and enjoy your meal in complete darkness, by tasting and smelling it, rather than having a look at it. The cafe works on the idea of sensitizing people on the challenges of being visually impaired.

Cat Studio Cafe, Mumbai:

This is one go-to place for all cat lovers. The Cat Cafe Studio in Mumbai is home to many rescued and rehabilitated cats. The customers can play and cuddle with the cats, and also adopt one, while having their meal here.

TherPup Dog Café, Bengaluru:

Not just cats, here's something for dog lovers, too. You can play with furry pooches at this dog café in Bengaluru. Apart from the menu for humans, TherPUP also has a specialized dog-food menu, carefully tailored to meet the nutritional requirements of the pooches, including chicken mutt-balls, healthy doggie platter and melon pup-sicles.

Nukkad Tea Cafe, Raipur:

Want to learn how to communicate in sign language? Head to this café in Raipur, which is completely run by hearing and speech impaired staff members and enjoy books or recite poems while having your supper. The cafe aims to sensitize fully-abled people to the challenges of being a hearing or speech impaired person.

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