Jaggery Tea: An Immunity Booster Beverage During Winters

Representation purpose only.

Representation purpose only.

Using jaggery with tea onstead of sugar has many added benefits for the human body. From curing migraine to being a rich source of antioxidants, jaggery tea should be your go-to beverage.

Tea is one of the most preferred beverages in India, especially during the winter season. It has many varieties like black tea, green tea, milk tea and masala tea. Among all the types of tea, sugar is an important ingredient. However, when it comes to its nutritional properties, it is not so healthy. The excessive sugar intake is harmful to the body. There are a lot of alternatives to it but the best of all is the use of jaggery instead of sugar.

Jaggery will not only enhance the taste of tea but it has a lot of other added benefits. Jaggery tea can be prepared at an ease. One just has to put jaggery in the tea instead of sugar. Just keep one thing in mind that the tea should not be boiled too much after adding jaggery or else it will get very thick.

Here we have discussed some of the benefits of using jaggery in the tea:

1. Improves digestion: Jaggery is recommended to people who have constipation to improve the digestion process in the body. People should include a little bit of jaggery in their everyday routine. It also creates a healthy metabolism within the body.

2. Rich source of iron: Jaggery is the rich source of iron which helps red blood cells to carry oxygen from the lungs and transport it throughout the body. Using jaggery every day fulfil the iron and mineral requirement within the body. It is also beneficial for people who are suffering from anaemia.

3. Cures cold and cough: Jaggery is considered to be warm and hence can be used as a remedy to cure cold and cough.

4. Rich in antioxidants: Jaggery is an excellent source of antioxidants which results in boosting the immunity. It also helps in strengthening the bones and joints in the body.

5. Acts as a cleansing agent: Jaggery tea is an excellent remedy to clean the excess of toxins from the various parts of the body.

Apart from these, jaggery tea provides comfort during migraine pain and helps in reducing belly fat.

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