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Jamat Ul-Vida 2021: History, Significance and Celebration

(Representative pic: Shutterstock)

(Representative pic: Shutterstock)

Jamat Ul Vida: Every year, it is the last Friday in the holy month of Ramzan or Ramadan that this special event is celebrated

The auspicious occasion of Jamat Ul-Vida, which is dedicated towards seeking prosperity, peace, falls on May 7 this year. It is the second holiest day of the Ramadan month. Every year, it is the last Friday in the holy month of Ramzan or Ramadan that this special event is celebrated.

According to the Islamic culture Jumu’ah, (also known as ‘Jummah’), Friday is believed to be the holiest day of the week. Though all Fridays are deemed significant among Muslims, the very auspicious last Jummah during Ramzan assumes special significance. It is the ninth month as per the Islamic calendar.

The Arabic word ‘Jamat Ul-Vida’ literally signifies Friday of farewell. It is also addressed as al-Jumu’ah al-Yateemah. ‘Gathering’ is what the word Jumu’ah stands for. In Urdu it means ‘the orphaned Friday’ which is prior to Eid-ul-Fitr.

Jamat Ul-Vida draws its historical significance from the popular belief that on this very holy day a messenger of Allah (an angel) descends on Earth, and enters the mosque to pay heed to prayers. The angel listens to the Imam and grants yearnings of the common people. A huge congregation is held in mosques.


Quran, Verse 9, Chapter 62 mentions the importance of the congregation.

“O you who have believed, when the adhan is called for the prayer on the day of Jumu’ah, then proceed to the remembrance of Allah and leave trade”.

Significance of Jamat Ul-Vida

Prophet Muhammad had emphasized the significance of Jamat Ul-Vida by stating that as Friday is the more blessed days, prayers offered on this day are heard and bestowed with fulfilment. All earlier grievances, mistakes are forgotten and pardoned by Allah if one wholeheartedly prays. Maulvis preach in mosques urging people to follow the path of righteousness, stay loyal and pray for prosperity along with world peace.

Jamat Ul-Vida Celebrations

People wake up early in the morning, bathe, wear clean attires. Reading Quran, praying (for salvation and for the departed soul), conducting charitable work (feeding the underprivileged, making donations etc.) are some of the ways Jamat Ul-Vida is observed.

Muslim men attend the religious congregation in the afternoon, and pray unitedly. People offer ‘Ibadat’, recite verses from the Quran, and seek blessings from Allah.

Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, which is considered to be the biggest mosques in India, hosts the largest congregation in the nation.

Enormous feasts are also organized in individual Muslim homes. People engage in the celebration with friends and family.

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