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Karan Singh Grover Defines Independence With a New Painting

Credits- Instagarm

Credits- Instagarm

Karan Singh Grover's painting symbolises independence and also transformation.

Actor Karan Singh Grover celebrated Independence Day with a splash of colours on Saturday. He chose to express his notion of independence through a painting.

Karan, who is known to have a knack at painting, shared snapshots of his latest artwork on Instagram.

Describing the painting, Karan told IANS: "This art piece symbolises independence and also transformation. It describes how a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. That's where we are, trying to understand our parts and roles in developing wings and colours of the butterfly we all must become."

The actor continued: "I have been working on it for sometime. I finished it today, in the morning around 6:30 am. It's a part of a series, which is about transformation," he added.


Karan's wife, actress Bipasha Basu, commented on the post: "New piece on Independence Day is soulful and beautiful."

"First we achieved unity, then we achieved independence. First we must unite, then we shall transform. From 1947 to 2020, our first step remains the same. We are all one. All cells in the divine body of Mother Earth, who herself is a cell in the body of this infinitely vast, multidimensional canvas of divine consciousness. Unite with the Self and we shall unite with the all. Let's lead the way. Happy Independence Day," Karan said.

On the work front, Karan and Bipasha have returned in the thriller web series, "Dangerous".