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'Made In Heaven' Star Arjun Mathur Turns Vegetarian For Climate

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Actors Arjun Mathur, Gautam Rode and Debina Bonnerjee have talked about bringing a climate change at an individual level.

Made In Heaven star Arjun Mathur says he has turned vegetarian for the sake of the climate.

"There is nothing more important in this world at this point or any other point than to be conscious of the environment. Changing climate has been a very natural force but I think it is being accelerated to levels that have been unprecedented by humans and by the so-called progress of the human race," Arjun told IANS.

"Personally, I try to implement small changes in my life whether it's like composting the garbage or separating it, walking where ever I can and turning vegetarian. I've been vegetarian for the last 5 months. Eating non-vegetarian food is the biggest contributor to the destruction of this planet. You can just vegetarian and do your bit," he added.

The actor expressed his views on the sidelines of screening of Sony BBC Earth's docu-series Climate Change - The Facts.

Actor Gautam Rode also shared his views about climate change.

"Being conscious of the environment is the most important thing. It is really common that taps are left running uselessly, the electricity is on all the time, a lot of plastic is used and because of the availability of these things, now, we need to take special care of our environment. Also, the first thing that comes to my mind from eco-friendly fashion is -- eco-friendly bags. Lots of people, lots of shops have started keeping them and avoiding plastics. It's important for us to use them as well," he said.

To which, Raj Singh Arora added: "As an individual, I use public transport, pool cars and especially prefer cars that run of CNG. Recently I bought a new house, which is very minimalistic and my consumption is very little. As a human being, these are my personal choices which are environmental and which could be looked at as a simple choice. The less you consume, the happier you are as a person. We all need to make a conscious choice."

Debina Bonnerjee also shared: "Speaking of combating climate change at an individual level, I have my YouTube channel Debina Decodes, wherein I talk about the changes that we can just bring about in our home to help the environment, help ourselves for a better future for a better living. I think sometimes I am on the repeat mode, but I can't stop talking about stop using plastic and aluminum, start using metal and glass bottles. These are small daily habits we can adapt at an individual level."

Narrated by David Attenborough, Climate Change - The Facts premieres on March 7 on Sony BBC Earth. It highlights the truths behind climate change.

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