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Mahina: Karan Mehra in Short Film on Issues Related to Menstruation

Credits- IANS

Credits- IANS

Karan Mehra and Anjali Pandey's film 'Mahina' shows how women are treated during menstruation and fight the stigma around it.

Popular TV actor Karan Mehra will be seen in a short film on issues related to menstruation.

The film titled "Mahina" features actress Anjali Pandey and Karan, an urban couple who decide to travel to a village. Their trip turns into a nightmare when they witness an absurd and monstrous act towards a woman during her periods.

Anjali has also directed and produced the film. "Lockdown gave me a lot of time to think about important topics which need change. Menstruation is definitely one of them. Conversations around menstruation have finally entered the mainstream cinema and punched holes in the culture of silence around the subject. Slowly and gradually things are changing. 'Mahina' is my contribution to this change. Let's fight the stigma around menstruation together," she said.

Karan said he is proud of Anjali for putting together a "film on a topic that needs our attention. Not many people talk about it. 'Mahina' is a realistic film which shows the ground reality of how women are treated during menstruation".

first published:September 11, 2020, 11:38 IST