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Men’s Fashion Tips: Linen Trends to Fall for This Autumn

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Last Updated: October 08, 2022, 11:38 IST

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Earthy colors are the perfect way to express autumn.

Earthy colors are the perfect way to express autumn.

There is a style that meshes with your aesthetic among your work-leisure and many trends. Let's explore this season's top men's fashion trends in detail

The weather is cooling down. Fall is almost here. And it’s time to refresh your closet for autumn. But what does it mean? Tuck away the sun-washed colours from your closet and anything that leaves your limbs bare. All you have to do is look effortlessly cool in men’s fall 2022 fashion trends. Confused where to start? Between your work-leisure and umpteen trends, there’s a style that jams with your aesthetic. Let’s take a deep dive into this season’s best sartorial trends.

  1. Flaunt earthy tones: Nothing speaks autumn as earthy colours do. Pick some linen basics in shades of brown, beige, off-white, and muted greens. Pairing mahogany linen trousers with an off-white or beige full-sleeved button shirt of the same sustainable fabric is a crowd favourite. Colours like sage, ivory, and muted olive green are also popular in autumn.
  2. Splash of pastels: Half-sleeved button shirts and polo tees made of linen serve as coverings for the torso in pastel shades. The mildly wrinkled look and texture of the linen also add a subtle character to the clothing.
  3. Rock semi-formal: Pure or blended linen blazer or evening jacket, paired with ripped blue jeans create a stunning outfit for dine-outs and semi-formal meet-ups. They fit the business casual theme very well in the pre- and early-autumn season.
  4. Nehru jacket: If you are yet to give a plain blue linen kurta with a blue Nehru jacket of matching (or perhaps darker) shade a try, now is the right time. The combination makes for an elevated look suitable for light festivities and formal eves if accessorised right. It also offers a fair degree of warmth apt for the season.
  5. Trousers and shorts: Linen-blend trousers provide luxury and comfort. Pairing the top and bottom in a light-dark fashion gives an easy, trendy-yet-classic look.
  6. Layer and accessories: Accessorise and enhance linen with faux leather shoes, one-colour Jaipuri juttis, single-strap shoulder bags (especially with polo shirts) and a pair of black or brown sunglasses. Layering casual linen tees with formal shirts, and formal shirts with coats for pre-winter also works a charm.


How To Take Care Of Your Linen?

Because of its porous nature, linen has natural heat and moisture-wicking properties that make it a good conductor of warmth and a popular fabric to use for clothing in the summer. FYI: It is also naturally anti-bacterial.


To take care of your luxe linens, get ready for a lot of ironing (unless you’re going for the casual wrinkly look). Using high heat for ironing, alongside a touch of spray starch is advised as it makes for a smooth and crisp cloth.

Cleaning linen in the
washing machine
works for most people. The fabric also softens with use and has a tendency to shrink, similar to cotton. If you prefer the gabric more crisp and sturdy, dry cleaning should be your go-to.

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first published:October 08, 2022, 11:38 IST
last updated:October 08, 2022, 11:38 IST