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Mindfulness: Letter of a Young Girl in Depression

Mindfulness: Letter of a Young Girl in Depression

Depression is growing very fast among us. Faster than our perception. The young, intelligent and brave girl told me that how were her experiences during depression.

Ignoring depression may prove a big threat for our near and dear ones. Gradually it is become infectious. Depression is quickly increasing among us, faster than our perception.

I know her for long, perhaps since when she started her first job, a fearless, brave and jolly girl. Clarity in her behaviour was rarely found in any girl coming from town.

Her writing has originality, softness, and love for nature. We talked yesterday and after listening her story, I straight away started writing ‘Jeewan Samwaad’. This is because her words induced me to see an increase in a threat. I have been consistently urging people about this threat for a few years. It is important to repeat this because I don’t know to how many people it is reaching. But ignoring depression can be a big danger for our loved ones. It is slowly becoming infectious.

Depression is growing very fast among us. Faster than our perception. This young, intelligent brave girl told me that how were her experiences during depression. We will discuss them here because if anyone is feeling the same way, he may be monitored. Her another point is important. It is not necessary that youth living away from the home are fighting with loneliness and depression. These days, teenager and young children are constantly complaining that they are not being understood. Nobody is understanding them. Their questions, wishes and aspirations are continuously being ignored.

This brave girl went through a treatment of good doctor for four months. No she is quite well. She is taking care of herself. What’s more, like me she too does not have any mental problem with lockdown. Because she doesn’t have much time to worry. Remember here that when it is being said that there is not much time to worry, it is related with happy mind. Proper training of our mind is essential. The way we prepare our mind to take care of things, we live our whole life accordingly.

This brave girl mentioned few symptoms towards which we need to be attentive. I am also adding suggestions of other experienced people and institutions like AIIMS.

These symptoms are like this:

1. After coming back from work, not feeling well to do anything. Getting lost in some kind of nothingness. Sitting continuously in the same position.

2. Try to avoid taking to anyone. Development of unwillingness to talk to any relative or old friend.

3. Developing disinterest in those things without which it was difficult to live, like books, Movie, Videos, talking to friends, like books, Movie, Videos, talking to friends.

4. Having spat with colleagues and other office workers on petty issues. Getting emotional on everything and making those small things big by taking them beyond logic.

5. Giving breakups so much important that it is impossible to think existence without that relationship.

6. Feeling responsible to everything.

7. Instead to taking decision, putting everything off. Getting worried every time. Being lost in too much thinking.

8. Thought of ‘what difference will my absence make’, comes frequently in the mind.

This is not complete list, still we can assume that important points are included. In this, last point need special attention. As this thought grow, we quickly races towards depression.

Just as we do not fear to go to Doctor on having a fever. If one doctor’s consultation doesn’t help we easily move on to the next doctor. Similarly just understand the mind. If something is wrong with our mind try to catch it quickly. Mind is the center of our energy. Its movements quickly affects our body and brain. So be alert to the thoughts going deep in mind. Whenever heart feels bad, talk. Discuss. Do not stop yourself. It may cost you.

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first published:May 15, 2020, 11:34 IST