Mindfulness: Nothing In This World Is Perfect

Mindfulness: Nothing In This World Is Perfect

We oeften get blinded by our accomplishments and start thinking ourselves as much more important than we actually are.


Dayashankar Mishra

While travelling, Guru Nanak stayed outside a village. A sage used to live on a hill near that village. He was very famous in that area. He had made one ‘ashram’ in the fort on that hill. But he developed the ego of living in a big fort.

Nanak sent a message to the sage, “I would like to meet you and know how you got the perfection.”

In his reply, the sage sent a bowl filled with water and wrote, “I am perfectly fulfilled like this.”

When the messenger returned, everyone was impressed with the sage, but they couldn’t understand the ego. Nanak smiled and just put a little flower in the bowl and asked the messenger to return it to the sage. When the sage got the bowl back, he came and fell in Nanak’s feet. He said, “I used to think that I am perfect. How wrong was I?” Nanak hugged him and said, “No matter how hard does a man try to be perfect, there is always a little room in his fulfillment.”

Nothing in this world is made perfect or complete by the nature. When we ourselves are not perfect, then how can anything made by us be perfect or complete? We are forgetting that perfection is only imagination. It has no fragrance. Life is not walking alone. So, just be aware of your thought process.

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