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Mindfulness: What Makes You Insecure

Mindfulness: What Makes You Insecure

We rely more on CCTV cameras than our neighbors. Now we have less neighbors than CCTV cameras in life.

We are living in fear and we want to make us feel secure. Hypothetical situations of insecurity are inducing us to be ready for unexpected adverse situations. These kind of thoughts have influenced everyone from big nation like America to the common man. Ironically, despite the efforts to be secured, we are becoming even more insecure.

It is like watering only leaves and flowers but not the roots. We don’t take care of our health as much as we focus on the preparation for illness. We pay more attention to the cure of diseases than to a healthy mind and body. We have readily available facilities after illness. We rely more on CCTV cameras than our neighbors. Now we have less neighbors than CCTV cameras in life.

Everyone feels insecure when his economic condition improves a little. Mindfulness’ reader Ruchi Verma from Ranchi writes, “The moment a person in a joint family begins to be economically stronger, he tries to influence his family and begins to treat others in a disrespectful manner.”

Ruchi has picked the correct point. Actually everyone want to influence others. Other are not ready to understand the importance of his earnings. From this very point of time, distancing and opposition begins. And, it not based on any right or wrong, it is just based on perception. The wall of insecurity builds very quickly and it is difficult to break.

The world is just like us. It is equally honest, sympathetic and good as we are. To save ourselves from insecurity and wrong perception is the biggest love. We need to inculcate little faith in our mind. Give some faith and love to yourself. This is the only way to save oneself from becoming insecure.

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first published:November 11, 2020, 19:47 IST