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My Kids Think I am the Strictest Mom on Earth, Says Maria Goretti

My Kids Think I am the Strictest Mom on Earth, Says Maria Goretti

Maria Goretti will be reprising her role as the host for the fourth season of the parenting web-show 9 Months


Soheib Ahsan

After three fulfilling seasons, Maria Goretti is back with the new season of Firstpost’s web series titled 9 Months. Ahead of the release, she talked about how such shows have brought parents together.

She said, “I think when you hear people’s experiences, and parents’ having the same kind of problems, it brings a certain amount of oneness. You also realise that, ok these are the kinds of issues you could have with your kids. When you see shows like this, you tackle so many subjects. There are child psychologists, there are moms, entrepreneurs who are talking about the same thing.”

Talking about her own experiences, she said “My kids think I’m only being oppressive. My kids think that I am the strictest mom on planet earth, they also think that I am totally uncool and that’s fine. I’m not here to please them, I’m not trying to be their buddy at the moment. I am their parent and I cannot help but be who I am to them and I try as much as I can to be a good mother and to be a good parent.”

Being a parent also comes with the worries of protecting children from the world of crime and sexual predators. “You try and keep your kids as safe as you can and try and keep them in certain parameters of safety that they need to follow. Sometimes when I do not send my kids to a place, they get really angry and I just think that this is unsafe but they do not get it. It creates a rift because all children think they are invincible, just like how I thought at one point of my life when my parents said come home by 11.30 and I was like ‘why! How weird is that.’ But after being a parent you understand that all your parents are trying to do is keep you safe. That’s what each and every generation of parents does. You don’t have all the strings in your hand, you cannot put your kid in a fortress but you try and put some things into place and pray and hope that everything is fine,” said Maria.

She also pointed out how a woman’s working status does not affect her personality as a mother irrespective of society’s claims or beliefs. She said, “I think a woman has a personal choice whether she wants to work after she has kids or not and that has got nothing to do with the kind of parent she is. I have all my friends who had kids and worked. I did not work immediately. That does not mean I am a better parent than my friends who had beautiful, creative careers. It didn’t make them parents who are neglecting their children.”

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