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On Paul Walker's Birth Anniversary, Here're Some Interesting Facts About the Actor

Credits- Instagram

Credits- Instagram

On Paul Walker's birth anniversary, here are some of the lesser-known interesting facts about the Fast and Furious actor.

Today marks the 47th birth anniversary of the American actor Paul Walker who passed away at a young age in a car crash in California on November 13, 2013. He starred in several Hollywood movies, the most prominent being the role of Brian O’ Connor in the Fast and Furious franchise. All the movies from the franchise ironically also involve fast cars.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about the actor on his birth anniversary.

1) Paul may be known for playing the macho man on-screen but his career started with a very tender role. As per several media reports, Paul Walker starred in a diaper advertisement when he was just a two-year-old. The commercial was of the brand Pampers.

2) The actor studied Marine Biology at a community college in California and was an admirer of French conservationist and explorer, Jacques Cousteau. To satisfy his curiosity about marine biology, Paul also worked in a National Geographic show called Expedition Great White.


3) While many celebrities prefer not to talk about their religious beliefs, Paul Walker publicly acknowledged that he is a Christian. A 2013 Daily Mail report quoted Paul’s brother, who said, “He always had a very strong Christian faith.”

4) Paul had an elaborate collection of bikes and cars. In an interview to MTV, he had said that the ‘speed car thing’ is in his blood because his father was always into cars. After his death, his collection was sold in a 2020 auction at Rs. 16.4 crores and the fund went to the trust created for his daughter, Meadow Rain Walker.

5) In 2004, the kind-hearted actor paid for an engagement ring that an Iraq war veteran wanted to buy for his fiancé. The ring, which was sold in a Santa Barbara jewellery shop, was worth $9,000 and Paul overheard the couple talking that it was too expensive for them.

first published:September 12, 2020, 11:30 IST