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Orlando Bloom Reveals Who Baby Girl Daisy Dove Looks Like

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their first baby on Aug 27

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their first baby on Aug 27

Orlando Bloom and popstar Katy Perry welcomed their lovely daughter Daisy Dove in August end.

Even though it has been over a month since pop star Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom welcomed their baby girl, the latter is still trying to figure out who their daughter resembles more.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star recently revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres show that his newborn Daisy Dove Bloom does not resemble any one of the parents but rather looks like a mix between fiancée Katy Perry, himself, and the actor’s mother.

However, he said that when he first saw Daisy, he immediately thought she most resembled him. “It was funny because when she first came out I was ‘Oh it’s me it’s a mini-me!’ Then fortunately she got those Katy blues which was perfect,” he recalled of his daughter's eyes.

The 43-year-old then said that the couple got a little bit confused because their daughter started to resemble his mother. And as Daisy continues to develop her facial features, Bloom quipped, "Who’s she gonna look like next?"

Bloom also revealed how he used to communicate with his daughter while Perry was still pregnant. He said he would chant a Buddhist mantra which he has been using since he was 16.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry, who also happen to be United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors, had shared a heart-warming message to the world community on healthcare for new-born babies especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

In their message, they accepted how privileged they were to have a safe and peaceful birthing experience unlike many families and women who did not have access to decent healthcare. They had said that as parents to a new-born, the gap between the haves and have nots breaks their hearts. The couple expressed their empathy with struggling parents now more than ever.⠀

In order to do their part, the couple also started a donation page to celebrate Daisy Dove Bloom’s arrival. The donations would go to support families who are facing the pandemic and inaccessibility to proper healthcare.⠀

first published:October 09, 2020, 17:02 IST