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National Doctors' Day 2021: Pay Gratitude To Doctors In Your Life With These Thoughtful Gifts

(Representational Photo: Shutterstock)

(Representational Photo: Shutterstock)

National Doctors' Day 2021: A small gesture of appreciation will mean the world to doctors.

In these trying times of Covid-19 pandemic doctors have been no less than angels who are struggling constantly in order to save lives, even if that means putting their own lives at risk. It is this great gesture of the doctors that we salute on National Doctor’s Day 2021. This day is celebrated across the world on different dates and in India, it is celebrated every year on July 1.

On this special occasion, if you want to tell all the doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals in your life thank you for all that they do, what is the better way than to express your feelings with a thoughtful gift. Even though a tangible present hardly compares to what they give to the world, your small act of appreciation would still mean the world to them.

Here we have curated for you some gift ideas that you can select from for your doctor. Just grab a thank-you card and scroll below to find the perfect gift.

Lucky bamboo


It is a symbolic gift that signifies peace, growth and happiness. The doctor you give it to can keep it in their office. You can also get the message of the best doctor printed on it.

Card case

They can use it to store their medical business cards. Every time they will reach out to the case to take out a card, they will be reminded of your thoughtful gift. If you want, you can also engrave the initials of the doctor on the case to add a personal touch to it.

Anatomical heart-shaped badge reel holder

If the doctor you want to give the gift works in a hospital, this badge reel would be handy for keeping up with their cards and IDs.

Doctor’s sign printed coasters

In order to deal with the stress of their profession, many doctors keep sipping coffee or tea while they are in their office. These coasters will come in handy for them as they can use them to keep their mug.

Self-care kit

Talking about the stress, doctors get little time to look after themselves. You can assemble a kit containing aromatic candles, skincare serums, face packs and others which will help the doctor to de-stress at the end of a stressful day.

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first published:June 30, 2021, 14:48 IST