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Purush To Seven: 8 Plays That You Can Watch Online


Last Updated: May 16, 2020, 18:01 IST

Purush To Seven: 8 Plays That You Can Watch Online

Apart from films, you can also watch good plays on streaming apps. Here are some plays that can satisfy your quench for quality acts.

Now, when streaming sites have started showcasing plays, here are some of the titles you can watch.


The teleplay is a social commentary on universal issues of gender politics, patriarchy and caste discrimination. It creates a layered narrative as the plot explores a number of glaring ideologies that plague men as well as women in an Indian society. In a regressive and unyielding scenario, Ambika not only fights for herself but also stands up for other women who are subjected to injustice or oppression. Her fight against the corrupt and misogynistic Gulab Singh is aided by others like her who never give up and eventually find a way to gain justice. Starring Ashutosh Rana as Gulab Singh and Gulki Joshi as Ambika.

Jaana tha Roshanpura

Grappling with their shared loss, a father-in-law and son-in-law are compelled to live together for a year as part of a dying wish, even though they don’t see eye to eye. The play runs through a sea of emotions as the two men, attempt to make sense of their differences while being attached to the same loss. It dwells on the evolving relationship between the two while they come to terms with their uniqueness.

Sach Kahoon Toh

When a wealthy unmarried woman is murdered under mysterious circumstances, a self-proclaimed invincible lawyer takes it upon himself to defend the prime suspect. Starring Vikram Gokhale in the role of the lawyer, Sach Kahoon Toh has powerful courtroom arguments that takes the play to a gripping finale.

Adhe Adhure

This play is a bold take on middle-class morality in India. Lilette Dubey shines in the role of the woman dissatisfied with her personal life. Her character Savitri tries to find fulfilment in relationships outside her marriage, only to discover a crude reality.

Gudiya ki Shaadi

The play stars Shweta Basu Prasad as the eponymous character Gudiya who loses her eyebrows due to a mix-up between her shampoo and hair removal cream. This comedy of errors takes a light-hearted jab at the standards of beauty set for women.


This play is a heart-warming story of a group of retired freedom fighters who break out of their old age home to fulfil the wishes of a dying friend. The teleplay is a humorous take on these senior citizens who are quite young at heart and willing to risk it all for a friend.

Khamosh Adalat Zari Hain

Things take a serious turn when in a mock courtroom trial which is supposed to hear a made-up case, characters start talking about their deepest concerns. They inadvertently discuss issues such as gender discrimination, obsolete societal rules, and unaccomplished dreams. It stars Nandita Das, Swanand Kirkire, and Saurabh Shukla, besides others.

Ma Retire Hoti Hain

What if your mother decides to retire from household chores? A woman who has unconditionally served her family through the years finally decides to do the unthinkable, she retires from her duties at home, much to her family’s surprise.
first published:May 16, 2020, 18:01 IST
last updated:May 16, 2020, 18:01 IST