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Quiet Quitting - But with a Twist. Does the Viral Trend Apply to Skincare?

By: Riya Ashok Madayi


Last Updated: January 04, 2023, 12:48 IST

New Delhi, India

The secret to quitting skincare quietly is to simplify your routine and use only the essential, effective products. (Image: Instagram)

The secret to quitting skincare quietly is to simplify your routine and use only the essential, effective products. (Image: Instagram)

It somehow makes sense that the skincare world is quietly quitting, especially if you are a skincare obsessive and the owner of an extensive skincare closet. Why's that? Read more

Engineer and TikTok user Zaid Khan is credited with coining the phrase “quiet quitting." The phrase describes a behaviour that takes place at work. To put it simply, quiet quitting entails keeping one’s activity within the bounds of the job description and forgoing part in the hustling culture. You can attain a work-life balance by setting limits and avoiding any unreasonable demands that go beyond your pay. Isn’t that a productive workplace culture? Absolutely.

For the longest time, the phrase was only used to describe workplace culture, but now that we think about it, it might apply to all aspects of our lives, including our favourite - skincare. Now, the beauty world has succumbed to the less is more trend. The best news for all minimalists out there, without a doubt.

Years ago, the skincare industry taught us to assume that more skincare was better. While there is no denying the need of skincare, using too many products at once may be detrimental rather than beneficial. Because of this, quitting quietly when it comes to skincare is a no-brainer. Continue reading to learn more about silent quitting and its proper entry into the skincare industry.

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Trending skincare routines with 10 and 12 steps are also not necessary to achieve glowing skin and using too many actives at once may actually irritate and damage your skin barrier. If so then what is the routine tat quiet quitting approves of?

Skincare and Quiet Quitting

Scaling back your skincare routine to only include the essential products that work is the key to quietly quitting skincare. Less is more – is the agenda that you should swear by. For instance, if you have found that ideal moisturiser or the SPF that can address your skin issues and keep it hydrated and healthy, you literally don’t need any other cream on your skin. In simpler words, quality is always preferred before quantity.

It’s given that an excessive skincare regimen can be just as damaging to your skin as not using any or using it inconsistently. That is why it makes perfect sense to quietly quit the excessive skincare habits.

A Skincare Regimen That Quiet Quitting Approves of

Dr. Sneha Nambiar, a consultant dermatologist and cosmetologist, discusses what skincare products are essential for our skin, what should be skipped, and what should always be kept.

“Though there is no scarcity of skincare products and trends on the internet, there are only 3 basic skincare steps that everyone should follow irrespective of their skintype or gender. For ages the 3 step skincare essentially routine was CTM that is cleanser, toner and moisturizer”.

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She added, “However, in the wake of accumulating evidence on the damage that UV rays cause to our skin, sunscreens have taken the front seat in our basic skincare routine. CTM should now be modified to CMS that is cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreens.  Living in a tropical region like ours, your skincare routine is incomplete without a sunscreen”.

After cleansing, toners can help close pores and tighten cell gaps, preventing pollutants and environmental toxins from penetrating the skin. However, contrary to popular opinion, toners are not a required step in daily skincare, according to Dr. Sneha.

“It should be borne in mind that for people with active skin issues like acne, pigmentation or sensitive skin, relying on a skincare routine alone is not enough. Consultation with a board certified Dermatologist to treat your skin concern will give better results in addition to a skincare routine”, she says.

Quiet quitting seems to be a trend that will continue. Do you find this intriguing trend to be interesting?

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