Ranveer Singh Chops Off His Beard Live On Instagram; Regrets It Later

The man himself (Image courtesy: Official Instagram of Ranveer Singh)

The man himself (Image courtesy: Official Instagram of Ranveer Singh)

For us, you'll always be “that guy with a magnificient moustache”.


Shifa Khan

If you have been following Ranveer Singh's recent photographs, you couldn't have missed the rather interesting handlebar moustache he has been sporting like a pro. Last time Ranveer's moustache was chopped off right after Bajirao Mastani and before he got busy with Befikre. Remember how Deepika Padukone giggled like a child while she trimmed his mustache?

"Remember when Deepika did it? She was so happy! I don’t feel like that at all", said Ranveer.

Ranveer, who went live on Instagram only for his followers, surprised them as he cut off the tips of his curly moustache and his long beard. Over 33,000 Instagram users tuned in to witness the moment.

He began the live stream with a slow build-up and introduced the stream by explaining how he has grown “very attached to his facial hair”.

The actor also mentioned that Deepika would be the person who would be extremely happy with his decision. "It feels like “chopping off my own body part”, Ranveer said.

Ranveer also explained his fans that he did it because he was moving on to the next phase of Padmavati, where he will play a young Alauddin Khilji.

He will be soon seen in Padmavati along with Shahid Kapoor. This is the first time that Ranveer and Deepika will be featured the film, but not as a couple.

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