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Rihanna Sparks Conversation Around Pencil Thin Eyebrows As She Graces Vogue September Cover

A file photo of Rihanna/Reuters

A file photo of Rihanna/Reuters

Rihanna can sure spark off a debate on fashion trends at any given point of time.

If it is about fashion, songstress Rihanna's name has got to be involved. But, this time around, not just the fashion influencer's name, but she herself is involved in sparking a conversation around thin eyebrows.

For her latest spread on the cover of British Vogue's September issue, the diva sported pencil-thin eyebrows -- a trend that was popular in the 80s -- as part of her make-up complementing the avant garde look on the cover page. And given that she has a massive influence on fashion enthusiasts across the globe and the ability to single-handedly set off trends or even usher them back with a blink of an eye, pencil thin eyebrows are sure to make a comeback very soon.

For the uninitiated, Rihanna didn't actually shave off her eyebrows to achieve the look. In fact, her eyebrows were first covered with foundation and then new ones were drawn to create an interesting and fresh look.

However, the Internet doesn't seem ready for the pencil thin eyebrow trend yet.

Some fans were really worried that these brows would soon become a thing with fans and followers all over the world quickly copying the look without giving it a thought.

"#Rihanna on the cover of September #Britishvogue magazine... are we ever going back to these brows? Girl, don’t be starting something (sic)," said a Twitter user.

"I really hope this doesn’t become a thing. #Rihanna (sic)," wrote another. "I love me some Rihanna but I'm worried these brows are gonna start trending again! (sic)," another Twitter user wrote.

Even though Rihanna's thin eyebrows didn't go down too well with some Twitter users, some fans were quick enough to point out that if there was someone who could actually pull off a look like that, it had to be Bad Girl RiRi.