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Superman Henry Cavill Bakes His Own Birthday Cake, Fans Want a Bite of the Tasty Mess

Images: Instagram

Images: Instagram

Hollywood star Henry Cavill turned 37 on May 5 and celebrated by baking a cute cake for himself. The actor has been cooking a lot during the isolation period.

Henry Cavill turned 37 year on May 5, and celebrated by making himself a birthday cake. The Superman and The Witcher actor posted a picture of a delicious-looking cake, while punning on the way he spent the special day in lockdown.

"Icing-olation," he said as he posted the picture on Instagram. While in isolation, Henry has been keeping busy by baking things.

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Besides flooding the actor with wishes, fans found this gesture of self-care quite sweet. One fan tweeted, "Henry Cavill made his own birthday cake I'm dying."

"I've never wanted a red velvet cake as much as I want the one Henry Cavill posted on insta. It's a mess but it looks so tasty," wrote another fan.

"Henry cavill is just sitting here baking breads and cakes i love him so much," a starstruck fan tweeted.

Some fans really wish that they could go and celebrate with him too. "Henry cavill baked himself a cake for his birthday. i'm cancelling quarantine to go celebrate with him."

Filmmaker Zack Snyder also wished the Man of Steel actor a happy birthday. "Superman was born May 5, 1983... happy birthday Henry," said Snyder.

Guy Ritchie, who directed Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., posted the following video on Twitter:

The actor shot to fame with his portrayal of Superman in the DC films, Man Of Steel, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League. He has also acted in films like Mission Impossible, and the popular Netflix series The Witcher.