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This Sister Duo Recycles Your Old Clothes And Turns Them Into Covers and Quilts

This Sister Duo Recycles Your Old Clothes And Turns Them Into Covers and Quilts

Mind-blowing way to repurpose old clothing

Wardrobe makeovers, size fluctuation, shopping sprees—whatever the reason, all of us have too many clothes on our hands. Old clothing often just sits in our dresser drawers or in our closet, taking up the space we could be using for clothing we actually wear.

You might think of tossing it out or giving it away, but how often do you really have the motivation? Cornucopia gives us a reason to stop our clothes from going to the landfill.

Sisters Manisha and Ayesha have launched a cloth-recycling venture that reuses, recycles and work towards a sustainable environment. So, all the T-shirts, kurtas, dupattas, sarees or anything that’s stored in your old boxes can now be transformed into aesthetic homely stuff.

A trunk of old clothes triggered the inspiration

The younger sister, Manisha is an environmentalist and has worked in waste management. The duo found a trunk of old clothes in their house in Belgaum, Karnataka which their mother must have kept to donate someone. The Desai sisters cropped the clothes, arranged them in a pattern and stitched them together to make a beautiful quilt. Since that day, many of their close friends and relatives came up with old clothes to them and cornucopia was born.

Doorstep pickup of clothes

You hunt through your cupboard to find sturdy clothes, and they collect them from your doorstep. The Desai sisters and their team of crafty women engage in Pune, Maharashtra and Gurgaon, to work on your discarded clothes and turn them into patchwork quilts and colorful cushion covers. You can also try your hand at self designing the heap of tees you gave. Once the old things are reformed into awesomeness, cornucopia delivers the final product to your address.

Blissful end products to look for

They are masters at transforming one piece of stale clothing into another masterpiece. Cushion covers, Patchwork quilts, colorful pillow covers, Bedsheets, fashionable two-toned kitchen towels, Cool carry-bags and Baby blankets are their gems. Want to see the heartfelt recycling job they’ve done so far?

Cornucopia means nature’s inexhaustible abundance and we believe that there’s a lot of good in reducing the carbon waste with this sustainable, fair-trade practice. If you are picking old clothing and accessories, the better their condition, the more likely they are to make a good piece. So if you’re ever guilt ridden because of your mounting carbon footprint, You know what to do!

first published:February 10, 2017, 11:21 IST