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What is Micro-Cheating and How to Identify it?

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Last Updated: June 28, 2022, 18:57 IST

Micro cheating can be one of the following.

Micro cheating can be one of the following.

Many things that are considered to be micro-cheating are normal for many other couples.

Cheating as a raw term could mean breaking trust in a meaningful relationship. This trust is defined by the individuals present in the relationship. This does not necessarily have to specify sexual or romantic acts such as affairs but only talks about the open communication between the partners.

If you feel your partner is slowly moving away from you but you can’t blame him for cheating, the solution may be in understanding what micro-cheating is. Micro cheating can be identified simply as a set of behaviours that play with the line between faithfulness and cheating.

There are a few things that, for some people, are normal occurrences but for others, a big no-no in a relationship. Micro cheating can be one of the following.


While many people consider it a playful thing to keep your relationship spicy, it can borderline lead to temptation and the urge to cheat. It can present itself as a problem for the relationship and the mental health of the partner.

Dressing differently when going to see a certain individual.

Everyone likes to dress up when going to events or meeting people. If you see your partner spending more time and energy dressing up for a particular person than they do normally, it may mean more than a simple meet and greet.

Spending all day on the phone or laptop talking to someone.

While many people are addicted to their devices these days, if you see your partner sticking to calls and texting one particular person all day without giving any attention to you, it may mean trouble.

Having a dating app downloaded on your phone, without using it to meet people.

Many people justify having dating apps while dating because they are not seeing anyone. But it is the temptation that works for them, which is why they keep such apps. It is not as much about having physical intimacy with someone but having commitment issues.

Stalking your ex online or offline.

If you often find your partner talking about their ex, or looking at their ex’s profile online, or their pics together, it may mean that they miss their company more than they like spending time with you.

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first published:June 28, 2022, 18:57 IST
last updated:June 28, 2022, 18:57 IST