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When Divya Kumar Feared Sachin-Jigar Would Split-up

When Divya Kumar Feared Sachin-Jigar Would Split-up

Divya Kumar recounted a story from his early days on The Kapil Sharma Show, when he thought the duo would go through a career-threatening feud.

The music industry has seen many composers working in duos, some of these include Jatin-Lalit, Nadim-Shravan, Lakshimkant-Pyarelal. One such famous duo of modern times is Sahin-Jigar who has films like Stree and Angrezzi Medium in their discography. But there was a time when singer Divya Kumar thought the duo would split-up.

The playback singer has been a favourite of the duo, giving voice to their music in films like Gold and Happy Ending. During a conversation with Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show, the singer revealed a career-threatening feud between the composers.

He recounted a story from his early days. “Ek Din hum chaaro, Sachin - Jigar, Priya (Jigar's wife) monopoly game khel rahe the aur inhone aisa jhagda kiya ki mai kaanp utha aur maine priya ko pucha ki ye jodi toh nahi todh denge na? (One day, we were all playing Monopoly, and the way these two fought, I was shivering. I asked Priya, they won’t break up the duo, would they?),” said the singer.

To which Jigar’s wife calmly replied that he should not worry and the two would resolve their fight within an hour and everything would be calm. To his satisfaction, the duo did become normal soon after.

Divya still remembers being flabbergasted at that fight. He asked the host Kapil Sharma, “aisa koi ladta hai? Wo bhi game me? (Does anyone fight this way, that too in a game?)”

He further mentioned that while disputes over creative differences are understandable, how can anyone fight so violently over a board game? The fight was so aggressive that he was sure that day would be the end of the composers' musical journey in Bollywood. He remembers that “a chill ran through his spine,” on witnessing this brutal argument.

first published:September 11, 2020, 15:30 IST