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Your Favourite DIY Teacher Harun 'Rob' Robert is Back on TV with 'Imagine That'

Credits- Instagram

Credits- Instagram

Harun Robert, aka Rob, gives a glimpse into his artistic world and talks about being back on television, the responsibilities of an artist in the society and more.


Srijita Sen

Who was your first life hacks teacher? Well, if you’re a ‘90s kid, you must have marvelled on the impeccable skills of MAD DIY guru Harun Robert aka Rob!

Our favourite art teacher is back in town with his new show, ‘Imagine That’ on Disney Channel. He also has a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

“As an artist, you have to keep reinventing yourself and I thought this platform (YouTube) would be a great way to connect to my audience. I was coming from a television space so the knowledge of TV didn’t work well on digital platforms. But once people started realising this space, they started sharing and I did a lot of collaborations with fellow creators”, said Rob.

However, the audiences didn’t just stop at YouTube as they couldn’t give up the thought of him not being on television. So, when he got the chance of reaching out to people through Disney, he didn’t have second thoughts.

He said, “When Disney said they would love to work with me I thought it was a great opportunity to reach out to kids of today so I fully jumped onto that and said I’ll make a cool DIY show because people know and love me for that.”

His medium has majorly been DIY and his recent show follows the theme of upcycling. This consistent message of recycling that he conveys through his content, both on TV and digital space come from his beliefs of making the planet sustainable, and the best way to inculcate these habits into people is to start with his main target audience- kids.

“We generate a lot of trash and most of the projects that I do on the show are made with old stuff. It makes them aware of how much trash an individual or household generates and they just learn how they can save the planet,” he said.

Taking that train of thought forward, he also believes that artists have a lot to contribute to the world they are living in as everyone can benefit from creativity. He added that artists are the voice of people and definitely have a responsibility because they can influence people.

“When people tell me that I have been the reference that they have been showing their parents to let them pursue the creative fields, I feel my job as an artist is done”, he said.

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