Check Out These New Domestic Cleaning Technologies That Help Save Water

Check Out These New Domestic Cleaning Technologies That Help Save Water

Domestic cleaning appliances have long brought convenience to our lives. Now, advances in technology mean they can also help us save water and create a sustainable future.

Advances in technology have made sophisticated cleaning tools available to most Indian families. Not only do these appliances provide better cleaning solutions, they have also reduced the workload of homemakers in due course. It has brought great improvements in the overall hygiene and living standards as well. But that initial wave of convenience has given way to sobering questions about sustainability of our resources. As climate change continues apace, we are confronted with stark choices about the future. This is especially true for water, a resource which underpins most of our domestic activities and hygiene practices. Fortunately, it’s a challenge that has inspired some great domestic water conservation solutions.

Less Water, More Cleaning

The biggest improvements in water efficiency have been in washing machine and dishwasher technologies. Both appliances have increasingly become common in households across India, resulting in cleaner utensils and fresher linen. But they weren’t always the most water efficient. Now however, dishwashers have begun using ultrasonic technology to reduce consumption of water, while delivering the same level of cleaning. Similarly, washing machines manufacturers have innovated on new washing techniques which created a three dimensional flow of water, for deeper cleaning and lower water consumption.

Make Efficiency a Habit

Showers, too, are an important part of our daily hygiene routine. But indiscriminate usage means they are also one of the biggest sources of residential water wastage. It’s a problem, however, that can be solved without imposing draconian limits on showering time. Efficient and well designed showerheads are the answer, many of which are optimized to maintain the flow pressure while drastically reducing the water consumption. All it takes a little research and review to find one which suits your showering needs and saves water as well.

Flushing: Smart Solutions

Technologists have also been tinkering with the traditional water flush design to produce an alternative which is more hygienic and water-efficient in its operation. Apart from standard improvements, there are new water treatment systems being developed which could help recycle sink water to flush toilets in Indian homes in the near future. Such a system would save gallons of water, while making the required amount available for comprehensive and hygienic flushing action.

Homemade Sustainability

These are some of the latest technologies that have brought the twin objectives of more hygienic homes and water conservations to the fore. As more manufacturers innovate, such technologies are projected to become standard in all Indian homes. Helping create cleaner homes at the cost of less water is also a mission of Harpic News 18 Mission Paani, a movement dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for our water resources. You can check out initiatives they’ve undertaken and join in to help conserve water for a healthier tomorrow.

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