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Fun ways to make your child develop handwashing habit


Last Updated: March 10, 2022, 10:32 IST

Fun ways to make your child develop handwashing habit

Research suggests that hand cleanliness appears to be the most essential component in preventing the spread of many diseases.

Research suggests that hand cleanliness appears to be the most essential component in preventing the spread of many diseases. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), handwashing can prevent 1 in 3 diarrhea related illnesses and 1 in 5 respiratory infections, like the flu or a cold. Regular handwashing is one of the easiest ways of preventing many diseases. 

Keeping the children clean and germ-free may be a difficult effort, but handwashing could be a hassle free way of keeping children away from many diseases. Here, the role of parents becomes quite important.   

If you find yourself running after your children and making sure they wash their hands before every meal, it’s time to try something new. It’s possible that kids will forget or look for excuses to avoid it. They may even do it to avoid being punished by their parents, which isn’t the best method to inculcate healthy habits 

To make it simpler for you and your children, just follow some simple practices at home to inculcate the good habit of handwashing among children.  To begin with, it’s critical to make it feel less like a duty and more like an activity.

Use liquid soap

If your child refuses to use solid soap, try the liquid one. Because of their transparent colour and flowing texture, liquid hand washes are frequently more enjoyable. Alternatively, you might get a fun-looking container for the liquid soap. There are several containers available, ranging from attractive animals to incredibly interesting shapes.

Sing while washing hands

It may encourage the children to wash their hands properly. Choose a verse from a family favourite song that lasts around 20-25 seconds and this will provide ample time to fully clean the hands. Since children like singing and dancing, this will help to promote hand washing as an enjoyable exercise. Parents and older siblings can even join them and turn it into a mini-performance so that the action receives more positive reinforcement.

Give a glittery splash 

Before your children wash their hands, get some child-safe glitter sprinkled on their hands. He would make the children wash their hands until the hands are cleaned of all the glitters. The glittery handwash will obviously be a fun experience for the kids. 

Assign a toy to your child

Every time your child washes his hands, give him a toy to wash. Instead of a soft toy, pick a toy that can be washed and dried quickly. This will turn hand washing into a fun exercise for the kids and they won’t feel like doing something reluctantly. 

Make a schedule and give reminders

Maintain a daily routine for your children to wash their hands before and after meals, while playing with toys, before going to bed, after returning from outside and so on. 

Apart from these simple steps it’s important for parents to lead by example. Young children often learn by imitating the behaviour of their parents and other elder siblings in the family. If you follow the routine of hand washing that sets a good example for children and motivates them to follow. 

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first published:March 10, 2022, 10:32 IST
last updated:March 10, 2022, 10:32 IST