How Hyderabad is Beating the Summer Water Woes

How Hyderabad is Beating the Summer Water Woes


India began paying attention to the issue of water crisis a a few years ago when several cities and metropolitans came under the threat of a water scarce future. In fact, the threat is still very much looming on our heads. Urgent steps are being taken to curb the crisis —a lot more now as the summer season is adding to the water woes — and one model has emerged as very effective in this regard. The attempts, efforts and initiatives taken up by the Hyderabad government have helped the city get some much needed hope, and look at a future where the summer will not affect the water requirements of the citizens.

A detailed sewerage network is in the pipeline and it will help supply water right till the ORR villages. The Water Board, overall, has taken up the Rs 756 crore project that will end up constructing over 162 reservoirs, supplying water to over 183 villages through a 2,000 km long pipeline construction.

The proactive measures and a clear vision of the state government, along with sustained efforts and good planning from the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, have made this possible. They pre-empted the situation and focused on three avenues to make this possible:

 Create Reservoirs:

A lot of projects are being undertaken in order to create reservoirs that will help the people. The Kaleshwaram project is underway which will ensure Hyderabad of access to clear drinking water in the future. The HMWS&SB is also supplying around 468 million litres of drinking water per day, through the surrounding rivers.

 Weed Out Illegal Connections:

A vigilance wing has been created by the government that weeds out illegal connections and books them under the criminal act, in order to streamline the sourcing of water. A Voluntary Disclosure Scheme was also launched in order to help curb unauthorized connections.

 Curb Water Wastage:

Household surveys have been undertaken in order to gauge wastage of water, and rectify the issues that may be leading to wastage of water.

This is just Hyderabad. It is one city that has made immense and swift changes in order to meet the water crisis face to face and win against it. This model, if feasible, could be replicated across the nation. If the government is putting in such efforts, we as the people will also need to step up and do our bit, by trying and conserving water in every way we can.

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