How Sanitation, Availability of Clean Water Can Bring in Big Social Changes

How Sanitation, Availability of Clean Water Can Bring in Big Social Changes

Better sanitation and availability of clean water don’t just raise current living standards, but also effect positive social change within the community.

Promoting health and hygiene, along with conservation of water resources, is a consummate health policy, not just because of its therapeutic effects on our souls. These steps have big repercussions for other facets of our national life as well. As more citizens gain access to better health and a semblance of water security, they are empowered to move ahead in pursuit of bigger goals, economic and personal.

More Productive Lives

Better access to clean water and health means freeing up scores of people from the drudgery of having to collect water from afar and the poor health that usually accompanied such lifestyles. Instead, young rural workers can devote themselves to educating themselves and seeking out bigger professional opportunities.

Better School Retention

Water and hygiene are such essential requirements that schools which have good sanitation facilities, along with provision of clean water, have shown markedly better results in student retention. For children belonging to certain deprived communities, such public schools become proxies for essential services such regions may lack, like water and health facilities.

Long Term Public Health Benefits

Better health and hygiene don’t just give the country a huge advantage in terms of a productive workforce, they also alleviates strains on the public health infrastructure. That’s why promoting hygiene and conserving clean water are one of the cheapest ways of ensuring the well-being of our country. Availability of clean water and hygienic practices secures future generations too, by lowering the rates of malnourishment in children.

This is why conserving water and promoting health and hygiene is so crucial for unlocking the human potential of our country. For as long as even one Indian remains deprived of opportunities for betterment, our collective progress is not possible.

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  • First Published: September 1, 2020, 00:03 IST
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