Indian Water Crisis is Raging. How Does Israel Factor in?



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In times of need, humankind has always gone back to roots. There is always wisdom to be found in how others have dealt with similar issues and made good of a bad situation, and there’s no harm in redirecting and following the same path.

India’s water crisis is getting worse by the day. Many have become aware and many are waking up to the urgency. While the higher-ups and the government have dived deep into creating schemes and plans to best fight for this cause, help has been offered from a nation that has seen the water crisis, taken major steps to resolve it and has been successful. The nation is Israel, the place where almost 80% of waste-water is recycled and used for irrigation and agriculture; almost the same amount of water that is dedicated to agriculture in India of the available resources. The difference is, we don’t recycle. And the question is, why not?

Israel has offered a helping hand to India in dealing with the water crisis. Along with recycling most of their water, they are the world’s leading experts in desertification. They being a country with over 60% of desert land have been forced to develop a myriad of solutions for desert agriculture, desalination and management of water resources. They have offered to create a roadmap and help India strategize in water management and security.

If everything goes as per the plan, this collaborative Indo-Israeli effort will see India fulfill a plan and a promise made to the people of India; the promise of every household having access to consumable tap-water by 2024, under the Jal Jeevan Mission. The Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Shekhawat spoke about working together and innovating in order to save water and the planet.

It is a pleasant sight to see nations coming together and help create a sustainable future for each other. Be it the government or the people of the country, a unified approach is what is going to help the nation beat the water crisis. One such initiative that has managed to create a lot of awareness regarding the crisis is Harpic News18 Mission Paani. The platform has managed to get the nation together and is doing all it can to help see India through this crisis. All you need to do is log on to https://www.news18.com/mission-paani/ , and register to become a part of it. Read up and spread the word. We need all the help we can get!

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