It’s high time we develop habits that make water conservation a part of our daily lives.

It’s high time we develop habits that make water conservation a part of our daily lives.

Here’s how we can start.

We have been hearing this since quite some time. India is fast approaching Day Zero: The day we run out of water. If that isn’t scary, It’s time we assess the gravity of the situation. More than 15 major cities of the country already face water scarcity, and the way we are going that number might just increase. In this case, every drop counts, and the actions of every single individual counts.

We really need to become water conscious and inculcate a few essential habits in ourselves that will effortlessly include water conservation a part of our everyday life. Here are a just a few that can be implemented from as soon as today:

The right diet goes a long way

The past few months made us realize the importance of knowing how to cook, take more control of our food and diet, in the event of not being able to order from outside or go eat out. This just might be the right time to change our diet and adopt a new, healthier one; not just for our health bit also for water conservation. A lot of water is used to grow certain crops and meat. We can embrace more whole foods, the foods lower down the chain which use less water to grow, and help in saving water. Also goes without saying, cook in proper proportions as to not waste anything.

Lesser consumerism helps save more water

Everything we buy, be it a pair if jeans to a pair of shoes, involves water to create, process and transport. And the amounts are maddening. Around 10,000 liters of water are used for that one pair of jeans you bought online! Becoming water conscious is a slow process but a necessary one, and you never know which habit of yours will aid conservation of water. Shop consciously and save water, it’s as simple as that. You will be saving a lot of money and a lot of water at the end of it.

Switch off to save water

Making yourself more energy aware and being diligent at home is a must. It takes water to create electricity, and a lot of energy goes behind treating that water at their respectiveenergy plants. These can be helped by just simple habits. Not charging your phone? Unplug the charger. Are you in the hall? Switch off the light in the kitchen. Going out of town? Shut the main switch off. It’s these little habits that will help us cut down on electricity consumption, and in turn help conserve a lot of water.

Be conscious about your laundry loads

While it depends on the washing machine, a ballpark figure is around 50-70 litres of water per wash cycle. That is a lot of water to wash clothes. While it might be an inevitable accessory since washing clothes by hand might not be feasible anymore, what we can do is develop a habit of being smart about it.  Wash your loads only when you have a full load. Keep a laundry basket near the machine and develop the habit of not washing until it’s full. Make optimum use of one wash cycle. This is one habit that will pay rich dividends in the long run when it comes to saving water.

5 minutes will help a lot

Our shower habits might make or break our resolve to save water. One shower session might use more than 60 litres of water. One easy way to curb the water usage is by making it a habit to take 5-minute shower sessions. A bucket bath is an easier way to keep our water use minimal and conscious, but that might not be for everyone. Try and consciously keep shower-time under 5 minutes, & turn off the shower while applying soap or shampoo. These are habits that are easy to inculcate, and don’t intrude wuth your everyday life as well.

These small and deliberate actions will eventually become habits and help the world in becoming not only energy efficient, but also water efficient. Also we urge you to look up Harpic News18 Mission Paani, who have done a fantastic job in spreading awareness around water conservation and hygiene. Check out https://www.news18.com/mission-paani/, and also join the Mission Paani Waterthon, an 8-hour-long telecast with distinguished personalities, where everyone will pledge to join in the fight and help India become water-secure!

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