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No water means no food!

No water means no food!

Here are the repercussions on crops and food products in a world without water.

The water on Earth today is all the water we are left with. No one is questioning the fact that there will be no water left for the future generations to come if we continue with water wastage the way we are now. What is a more nuanced discussion is that water is the building block of nature, and it won’t affect just the future generations but also make life very difficult for us in the now as well, and not just for humans. Without water, there will be no plants, no trees, no fruits & vegetables and ultimately, no food. What is the end result? Earth terraforms into a dry, arid desert.

Water is a finite resource which is currently serving an exponentially large population, industries and sectors. As water resources get stretched, the direct impact on food is more visible than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at how water and food chains are interlinked and what would happen to your food in a world without water.

On an average, agriculture accounts for 70% of global freshwater withdrawals. Since the 1960s, the global nutrition has considerably improved, providing food per capita at progressively lower prices.

This performance was possible through high yielding seeds, irrigation and plant nutrition. As the population keeps increasing, more food and livestock feed will need to be produced and more water will be applied for the same. For vegetative growth and development, plants require water in adequate quantity and at the right time. That is the kind of dependency food and agriculture has on water. Now imagine a world without water.

Not only would there be no water to drink, clean and wash, there will be no vegetation, agriculture or food produce. In our quest for urbanisation, we have gone too far, only to now realise that our natural resources can’t be automated or re-created. Once lost, they are gone forever. Hence, it’s necessary -- more than ever before -- to join the battle against water crisis.

In the week leading up to World Environment Day, Harpic News18 Mission Paani is doing its bit to spread awareness about the linkages between water and environment. Before our planet turns into a world without water, let’s join hands with Harpic News18 Mission Paani, which has been tirelessly working for months, urging one and all to save water.

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