There Has Never Been a More Crucial Time Than Now to be a Water Warrior

There Has Never Been a More Crucial Time Than Now to be a Water Warrior



There are specific times and certain milestones which standout in people’s lives. The times when you go above and beyond, when you are on the cusp of greatness, when you put others before you own self; these are the times that turn into stories you will one day narrate to your grandchildren. You might not have been the frontrunner, or the leader of a revolution, but you can hold your head high and be proud of even contributing to something that made a difference.

This summer, you have a shot at being a part of such a story. This summer, you can become a Water Warrior, and help save the nation and the world from a water crisis.

Why this summer? What is so special about this summer?

Because this might be the toughest one yet. Because you are fighting multiple opponents at the same time. You have to survive a pandemic while not being in touch with anyone. You need to stay safe and stay hygienic at all times. You are also a victim of the heat that summer brings along, and that is increasing every year. And to top that, we stare at a future without water.

If there ever was a time to call for arms and join the fight, it is now. Better late than never, but you need to join the battle against the water crisis. It is high time you took the pledge to save water, and become a Water Warrior.

If you need facts, figures, observations, tips, and motivation to save water, you definitely need to look up what Harpic News18 Mission Paani is doing to spread awareness around water conservation. The platform is tirelessly working for the cause for months now at a national level, and has also made its presence felt in international forums with its clear and urgent messaging, urging one and all to help save water.

Now, it’s your turn. Make your efforts worth telling stories to your grandkids. The summer of 2020 needs to be a story that is told to lift spirits and motivate future generations. And your contribution, however big or small, will make a difference.

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