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5 Best Kannada Romantic Movies to Watch this Valentine's Week

5 Best Kannada Romantic Movies to Watch this Valentine's Week

Here’s our pick of five romantic Kannada films you could watch in the run-up to Valentine's Day.

As Valentine’s Week rolls on and we prepare for February 14, we’re arming you a watchlist from regional languages in keeping with the mushy mood all around. After Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, it’s time to look at some romantic Kannada films that have been popular among viewers. Some of these are commercially successful, while others have been critically lauded. We’ve tried to stick to fun films, except for one title for viewers who prefer more realistic cinema.

Here’s our pick of five Kannada films which serve oodles of romance mixed with comedy, drama, action and tragedy.

Milana (2007)

The romantic drama film is co-written and directed by Prakash, and starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Parvathy Thiruvothu and Pooja Gandhi in the lead roles. The story begins with a couple, Akash and Anjali, who make it clear they don’t want to stay with each other right from their wedding night. Anjali is on a quest to find the man she loves and is separated from, Akash is also in love with someone else. But his good nature wins Anjali’s heart and she eventually falls in love with her. The story then waits for Akash to realise he wants Anjali, too, and when that happens, it’s a happy ending after all. Milana saw massive commercial success and completed a 500-day run in theatres, with critics praising Puneeth Rajkumar’s performance.

Dia (2013)

Dia’s story is centered on the external and internal experiences and dialogues of the female protagonist. The protagonist Dia falls in love with Rohit, and finds out that he reciprocates the feeling, after waiting for several years. But an accident separates them and Dia thinks she has lost Rohit forever. The loss comes with unbearable pain. She meets another man, Adi, who helps her cope with life. Just when they find joy in each other company, Dia finds out that Rohit is still alive. While most love stories end happily, director KS Ashoka goes off the usual track to give it a rather shocking ending, proving that not everything is always hunky dory in real life. The realism of the story, performances of the three main leads, the cinematography, and the music score of the film have been praised by critics.

Googly (2013)

Romantic comedy Googly packs in everything that a fan of actor Yash might ask for. Much before he was beating up the baddies in KGF, the actor was wooing the fresh-faced Kriti Kharbanda in Googly. Ego and misunderstandings separate the lead pair despite their love for each other, only to reunite them years later. From action to choregraphy and music, the film is an all-round entertainer which also impressed critics with the storyline and direction. Googly became the highest grossing Kannada cinema in the year 2013, establishing Yash as a bona fide star in Kannada cinema and also made Kriti popular in the industry.

Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari (2014)

A year after Googly, Yash tasted success yet again with this romantic action comedy. Mr. and Mrs. Ramachari is the actor’s 5th hit film. The story revolves around two characters: a tearaway and hot-headed youngster, Ramachari, who is a diehard fan of Vishnuvardhan, and his love interest, the sophisticated Divya. Divya and Ramachari meet and fall in love, and impulsively decide to get married. But they face problems with their relationship, which leads to a painful breakup. Both of them agree to marry different people on the same date. But as fate would have it, a mix-up by their wedding planner leads to confusing situations between either parties. The couple ultimately unite.

Love Mocktail (2020)

Much loved Kannada actor Darling Krishna acted and directed this fun romantic drama which became superhit in 2020. The film starts with a comic mood, and but ends on an emotional note, leaving you with a feeling that’s somber and satisfying in equal parts. This film’s story is narrated while the protagonist Aadi (Krishna) is driving with a girl he just met, Aditi (Rachana Inder), who is extremely curious about his love stories. Starting with his adolescence, Aadi narrates the various experiences he went through each time he fell in love. And when he finally found true love, the happiness was short-lived. Krishna and Milana Nagaraj’s onscreen chemistry is impressive and Rachana Inder wins hearts with her bubbly demeanour. The music by Raghu Dixit is an added bonus in this relatable film full of comedy and romance.