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5 Movies Based on Pandemics that Feel Too Close to Reality Now

Films based on pandemics and disease outbreaks

Films based on pandemics and disease outbreaks

Here is a list of movies based on pandemics and disease outbreaks that you can stream in these trying times.

During these trying times, when everyone has no option other than being confined to their homes, entertainment is a huge source of escape. Here, we have curated a list of some of the films that are based on disease outbreaks and pandemics that you can stream during the lockdown.

Contagion (2011)

If you are looking for a film that reflects the current situation accurately, Contagion is your go-to movie. This Steven Soderbergh directorial follows the outbreak of a pandemic, right from patient zero to its spread all over the world. The loss of law and order, disruption in health care systems, and the attempts to contain the virus might shoot up one’s anxiety levels, but like real life, hope comes in the form of vaccines even in this reel life representation of a pandemic.

Blindness (2008)


Blindness by Fernando Meirelles deals with a fictional disease epidemic called the ‘white sickness which leaves the infected people visually impaired. The film brings out the ruthless side of people during global crises, including the government turning its back to its citizens.

Outbreak (1995)

Based on Richard Preston’s novel, The Hot Zone, this film deals with the origins of viral hemorrhagic fevers of Central Africa. It details the extreme measures taken by the military and civilian agencies to contain the spread of the disease. The release of the film coincided with an actual Ebola outbreak occurring in Zaire.

Carriers (2009)

Directed by Àlex and David Pastor, this is a post-apocalyptic film that follows four survivors of a pandemic as they struggle to stay alive amid the disease outbreak. As they attempt to stay uninfected, their survival instincts and strategy make them turn on others, to ensure their safety.

Black Death (2010)

Black Death directed by Christopher Smith is based on one of the most fatal pandemics in human history, the bubonic plague, which had originated in the Afro-Eurasia area in the mid-1300s. The film follows a group of monks who investigate a plague free village that is involved in the use of black magic to resurrect its deceased.

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first published:April 21, 2021, 17:35 IST