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5 Romantic Yet Realistic Marathi Movies to Watch During Valentine's Week

5 Romantic Yet Realistic Marathi Movies to Watch During Valentine's Week

In our series of regional romantic movies for Valentine's Week, we have picked some slice-of-life movies from Marathi cinema.

If you are not into overtly dramatic love stories, these romantic movies in Marathi will be perfect for you to watch during the Valentine’s week. We’ve picked out stories that are simple, straightforward yet profound, realistic but interesting and heartwarming.

Each of these films are extremely relatable with ordinary people as protagonists. The appeal of these romantic movies lie in the slice-of-life treatment to their narratives. Take a look:

Sairat (2016)

Nagraj Manjule directed 'Sairat' takes the top spot among Marathi romantic films. The blockbuster marked the acting debut of Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar. The story shows a fisherman's son and a local politician's daughter fall in love and the consequences they face while trying to stay together. Their relationship is not accepted by society and their own families due to caste difference. The protagonists continue to fight for their love despite the opposition. The moments of their young love, small gestures of affection and dedication, beautiful music and breathtaking cinematography makes this film an endearing watch. It became the highest-grossing Marathi film of all time and spawned remakes in several languages.


Premachi Goshta (2013)

Divorce counselor’s office is probably the last place you’d expect to find love. But that’s what happens to Ram (Atul Kulkarni) and Saloni (Sagarika Ghatge). They meet in the process of separating from their spouses. While Ram still hopes to reconcile with his wife, Saloni has developed a bitterness to the whole idea of marriage. They meet again at the workplace and get to know each other better. Despite their poles-apart attitude towards marriage, the two of them develop a bond and eventually fall in love. When they finally overcome their individual misunderstandings and want to be together, their former spouses enter the scene. It’s nice to see Atul Kulkarni, who has played various character roles, playing the romantic lead for a change. Sagarika made her debut in Marathi cinema through this film.

Coffee Aani Barach Kahi (2015)

The troubles that ensue when you cannot confess your feelings for someone is explored in this sweet romantic movie. Jaai (Prarthana Behere) falls in love with Nishad (Vaibhav Tatwawaadi) at work but is unable to say it to him. Nishad too likes her, but thinks that she should understand from his behavior towards her instead of him saying it out loud. The film brings out the irony of their situation when Jaai’s parents introduce her to another man as a potential match, and she spends the whole meeting talking about Nishad. Her sister, her friends, everyone know about her feelings, except for Nishad himself. The film is way too real and relatable, reminding us how expecting the other person to make the first move is not always the best way to start a relationship.

Shala (2012)

Set in the ‘70s in rural India, Shala is a love story of four 9th grade students. Joshi is in love with a beautiful girl in his class, called Shirodkar. Joshi goes through a series of events to let her know about his feelings towards her. His friends, on the other hand, are going through the same phase in life. The difference is that all four of them come from different cultural and family backgrounds. Shala, directed by Sujay Dahake, brings out the reality of first love at a tender age. it will make you want to go back in past and relive sweet memories from your adolescence. It won the Best Feature Film in Marathi at the 59th National Awards.

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai (2010)

Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai is a beautiful romantic comedy focusing on few hours in a day in the life of the two unnamed protagonists. The two strangers meet when the female lead lands up in Pune to meet her prospective groom. She ends up spending some time with the male lead, while waiting for the man she came looking for, although she has no intentions of marrying him. They are shown to begin understanding each other closely, sharing intimate details about their respective love-lives and cultural upbringing, as also their viewpoints on a variety of subjects. The film ends in a sweet surprise for the female lead, when she realizes who the prospective groom really is. Watch this film for it’s simple story with a heartwarming yet playful ending.