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5 Strong Male Characters who Made Their Presence Felt in Hindi TV Shows

5 Strong Male Characters who Made Their Presence Felt in Hindi TV Shows

Here are some male characters who have managed to stand out in the women-dominated world of TV shows.

It is said that Indian TV shows are ruled by the women. However, in recent years, many male characters have also made their presence felt. Without these characters the shows would not be able to touch the hearts of viewers. Let us look at five such strong male characters in Hindi TV shows:

Virat in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin
Actor Neil Bhatt plays the character of Virat in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin. Virat is an honest IPS officer who agrees to marry his trainer’s daughter Sai at his death bed. Despite his family being orthodox, he supports Sai in pursuing her dream to be a doctor.

Aditya in Imlie
Actor Gashmeer Mahajani is seen in the role of Aditya in Imlie. Aditya is a journalist and when he visits a village to interview Satyakam Dadda, he is forced to marry Imlie with whom he takes shelter in a hut due to heavy rains. Aditya refuses to marry her as they both are innocent. However, he is married to her by the villagers and when he brings her home he takes good care of her.

Yug in Namak Ishq Ka
Yug is a rich businessman and very different from his family members. His family looks down upon Kahani, who dances to make her ends meet. Whereas, Yug does not consider her less than him and often stands by her. Later, Yug marries her against his family’s wish. The character is played by Aditya Ojha.

Virendra in Molkki
Amar Upadhyay portrays the middle-age village head Virendra in Molkki. Virendra is a widower and father of two, who is married to a girl half his age. Virendra sends her to college to complete her education and also pays her for teaching his children tuition.

Sarangdhar in Story 9 Months Ki
The story has changed from when Sarangdhar used to follow Alia everywhere after he finds out that he is Alia’s donor. Now, Saranghar is seen taking care of his daughter without a woman’s help. He is raising her fierce, strong and independent. The soft and sensitive character is played by Aashay Mishra.

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