6 Spanish Telenovelas You Shouldn't Miss During Lockdown

6 Spanish Telenovelas You Shouldn't Miss During Lockdown

Here are some of the craziest, most popular modern telenovelas, or Spanish language soap operas, to binge-watch during the lockdown.

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  • Last Updated: May 29, 2020, 12:40 PM IST
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The very popular TV show Jane the Virgin starring Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni was based on the structure of a telenovela. These serials have recurring themes of drama, action, romance, crime and revenge--all rolled into one. As an audience who has grown up watching Ekta Kapoor's shows, telenovelas might feel familiar to us.

Here are some of the best modern telenovelas you can stream on Netflix during the lockdown:

La Casa de las flores

Considered to be one of the best modern telenovelas, this Mexican dramedy follows the lives of a wealthy family with a blossoming flower business (pun intended) who try to maintain their family's facade of perfection while burying their dark secrets. Not only does the show have great writing, but it also represents a pretty accurate and revolutionary LGBTQ+ relationship on screen.


This Columbian historical drama depicts the life of Venezuelan General Simón Bolívar, who helped liberate several Latin American countries from the Spanish rule. Passion and heroism are big themes of these telenovelas and Bolívar, with its gripping storytelling, does not disappoint.

La Reina del Sur

Another major theme in telenovelas is drug cartels. With the advent of the new generation of serials, there has been a gradual shift from romance to crime. Another very exciting theme that has emerged is the rise in the number of women-centric shows. Le Reina del Sur is the best of both worlds. This is a story about Teresa, a woman from humble beginnings, who through blood and sweat becomes a legend in drug trafficking.

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Sin senos si hay paraiso

A drama fuelled by revenge, this one follows the life of an angry young woman, Catalina Santana, who seeks revenge on the people who tore apart and wrongly imprisoned her family. It also has some true telenovela elements, including people coming back from the dead (cue Jane the Virgin season 5).

Pasión de Gavilanes

A classic Columbian Telenovela, Pasión de Gavilanes follows the life of three brothers who infiltrate a powerful family as workers to seek revenge for the death of their pregnant sister, but fall in love with the three daughters of the house. This serial ran for a whopping 188 episodes, making it one of the most popular shows of all time. With each character being fleshed out with a complex backstory of their own, Pasión de Gavilanes is embellished with edge-of-the-seat twist and turns.

Los Briceños

The Road to Love, is a Colombian comedy telenovela, which tells the story of a young woman names Cecilia (Chiqui) Briceños, who after an argument with her father is thrown out of the house. She comes from a family of macho truck drivers and now she has to survive in a male-dominated profession. The 63 episode arc of the show sees her breaking stereotypes, handle a life-changing event and face discrimination to become a respected force in the guild. The show, though inspirational, never gets preachy.

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