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8 Films That Can be Enjoyed Separately from Their Franchise


Last Updated: June 08, 2021, 08:29 IST

Hollywood film franchise

Hollywood film franchise

It's not easy to shed the baggage of a franchise, but some films have managed to do it in a way that is totally commendable.

The concept of cinematic universes and franchises have picked up pace in the West. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult for a movie to shed the baggage of its predecessor in the franchise. However, there have been some films that despite being part of a known and blockbuster franchise, have standalone status and can be enjoyed as totally separate entities. We take a look.

The Conjuring 3

The paranormal world of The Warrens was introduced to us in 2013. Since then, the film universe has expanded into The Nun and Annabelle franchises even as Conjuring series continues. The recent addition to the horror universe, The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It has no direct reference to the predecessor The Conjuring films and stands alone in the universe. The upside is that you need not have seen any of the previous films to get a hang of this one.

Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast & Furious franchise shifts base from USA to Tokyo in the third film. Despite being part of the franchise, it has its separate storyline and characters and can be enjoyed separate from the other films. A small reference to the franchise is made at the end when a known character returns, but it is at the very end and does not affect the storyline in any manner.

Guardians of The Galaxy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known to make subtle and sometimes overt references to its predecessors. Guardians of The Galaxy was a totally different case as it was set in the Space and had its own characters and storyline. It was a standalone film before merging into the MCU by the end of runtime.

Hobbs & Shaw

Even though Hobbs & Shaw makes thematic references to the Fast & Furious franchise in the manner of unlikely friendships and adrenaline pumping action sequences, it does not refer to the F & F storyline in any manner. In fact, the history of Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) in the F & F franchise has no bearing on this spin off in any manner.

The Mummy

Brendan Fraser established and starred in the first three The Mummy films. However, in the 2017 sequel or reboot, Tom Cruise took the lead role and the storyline changed all together with new characters and setting.

The Hobbit

Even though The Hobbit is a prequel to The Lord of The Rings franchise with some of the prime characters joining the two worlds, both film franchises can also be enjoyed separately without much confusion as to who’s who and the roles they play. After seeing both the film series, the connections can be made, but still, they exist separately as well.

James Bond

Most of the James Bond films don’t refer to their predecessors. Some of them do. Largely, each James Bond film, even though part of the same universe, can be enjoyed in its own right.

Jurassic World

Emerging from the Jurassic Park franchise, which explores the world of lost creatures, Jurassic World is an entirely separate entity with new actors and characters. The new series leaves behind the main idea of the franchise which was chancing upon a ‘Lost World’ of extinct dinosaurs and instead introduces us to cloned dinosaurs and human controlled theme parks.

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last updated:June 08, 2021, 08:29 IST