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8 Very Wild Things That Have Happened in Keeping Up With the Kardashians

8 Very Wild Things That Have Happened in Keeping Up With the Kardashians

As popular reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians winds up after 20 seasons, here are some of the craziest things to have happened on television.

The hugely popular show Keeping Up With the Kardashians is wrapping up after 20 seasons. In the 14 years of its filming we saw the blended Kardashian-Jenner family grow into superstardom. They got married, got divorced, had babies and launched their business empires.

But in between the big milestones, there were some really crazy moments to have happened to the family. Take a look at some of the wildest moments in Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Khloe Kardashian goes to jail

Khloe Kardashian got arrested in the first season of the show for driving under the influence of alcohol. Two years later, on the third season, a judge sentenced her to thirty days in jail for the same offence. She was, however, released only after three hours due to overcrowding in the prison.


An infamous moment from this episode was when Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian were driving to the prison and Kim was taking selfies on her camera, to which Kris replied, “Kim, will you stop taking pictures of yourself, your sister is going to jail."

Kardashian Boxing Match for Charity

When Caitlyn Jenner came up with the idea of organising a boxing match to raise money for charity, she made Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Rob Kardashian and Scott Disick sign up for it, although only Caitlyn, Rob and Kim ended up participating due to Kris Jenner’s protests and Rob Kardashian getting injured. This explosive episode took place in season 3.

Khloe Kardashian Marrying Lamar Odom

When Khloe Kardashian met NBA star Lamar Odom, they quickly fell in love and married after less than a month of dating. She told her mother and sister about her engagement nine days before the wedding. Caitlyn Jenner had to find out about it through the news which led to a huge argument between her and Khloe. She later showed Khloe her support when she gave a really sweet and tearful toast at the rehearsal dinner and even walked Khloe down the aisle. The fourth season focused on Khloe and Lamar.

Kim Kardashian’s infamous diamond earring meltdown

At a family vacation to Bora Bora in season 6, Kim Kardashian lost one of her $75,000 diamond earrings in the ocean. A famous scene from this moment was when Kim was having a meltdown and said, “My diamond earring came off in the ocean and now it’s gone." And sister Kourtney Kardashian replied, “Kim, there’s people that are dying." Kylie Jenner later found it.

Kim Kardashian divorced Kris Humphries after 72 days of marriage

After former NBA player Kris Humphries proposed to Kim on the show, the two got married even though her family didn’t think she should go through with it. She later admitted that she married him because she felt pressured to do so. This was one of the shortest marriages in the history of Hollywood.

Kris Jenner got a pet monkey

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian get annoyed after Kris Jenner tells them to have a baby as Kris wanted a grandchild to take care of. So they decide that the next best thing to a baby was to get her a monkey. They rent an adorable monkey named Suzy although Caitlyn Jenner ended up taking care of it by the end.

Kim and Kourtney beat each other up

Although not the first fight among the Kardashian sisters, this fight in season 18 got pretty intense when Kim said that Kourtney didn’t care about work ethic as much as her and Khloe. Kourtney got very mad and the fight soon got physical as both of them started hitting each other. Kourtney Kardashian said she wanted to leave the show after this.

Kylie Jenner leaves Kendall Jenner alone at a gas station

At a family trip to Palm Springs filmed during season 18, Kendall Jenner gets on Kylie Jenner’s car and asks her to drop her home. However, she didn’t want to drive all the way to Kendall’s house so she left her at a gas station all by herself. This fight also got physical, although off-camera. Kendall then called Kim Kardashian who is in another car with Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner, to come pick her up.

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