A Suitable Boy Trailer: Fans Find Ishaan Khatter and Tabu’s Chemistry Interesting

Still from 'A Suitable Boy'

Still from 'A Suitable Boy'

Based on a novel by Vikram Seth, the six-part Netflix series premieres on October 23.

Netflix recently launched the trailer for the upcoming limited series, A Suitable Boy. Based on the novel of the same name by Vikram Seth, the show is set in 1951. The trailer captures the vibe of a newly independent India as well as Lata’s quest for love perfectly. The show is directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker, Mira Nair.

The trailer opens with a young girl, Lata (played by Tanya Maniktala) wandering through a bustling street as the voiceover tells the audiences, “no one can be sure what the future will be.”

The next scene showcases the primary conflict of the plot – Lata’s mother’s ambition of finding her a good husband vs Lata’s desire to not get married and make her own choices. The trailer features various scenes of Lata’s rendezvous with multiple young boys who are interested in her.

Later in the trailer, we see a very frustrated Ram Kapoor, playing the role of Mahesh, anguished by his son’s sexual trysts with a courtesan. The son, Maan Kapoor is played by Ishaan Khatter, whereas Tabu brings life to the character of Saeeda Bai. The honour and respect tied to Mahesh’s political career are likely to get marred by his son’s romantic pursuits.

As for Lata, she seems to be interested in a boy who, according to the voiceover, is Muslim. India’s wounds of partition are still fresh in this story and the idea of an interreligious love-affair is very predictably shunned by Lata’s mother.

The trailer has garnered over 95,000 views within three hours of releasing. The comment section is extremely positive, with people singing praises of the young actress. However, most comments seem to focus on Ishaan, who according to one user, “really stole the show even though there are so amazing actors in this series, but he was shining in his role. He's one of those rare products of nepotism who can actually act!”

People are also impressed by the chemistry between Ishaan and Tabu.

Watch the full trailer of A Suitable Boy here.

In an era that is ‘modern’ and ‘free’ compared to its preceding years and newfound liberty, Lata’s journey echoes the country’s own voice. It’s torn between moving forward and preserving its past.

The show was originally created by BBC and has already aired in UK and Ireland. Netflix purchased the global broadcast rights recently.

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