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Aaron Paul Reveals Vince Gilligan's Single Condition for Breaking Bad Film El Camino

Aaron Paul Reveals Vince Gilligan's Single Condition for Breaking Bad Film El Camino

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan pitched the idea of the film to Aaron Paul in 2017. The film has been released in cinema halls and Netflix now.

Even though sequels and franchises have become common these days, a lot of careful planning and consideration goes into their making. Considering this, it makes sense why Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking Bad took around six years to execute an idea he had after the show. Apparently the only condition that Gilligan had revealed for this idea to be executed was that it just had to be perfect and nothing less. This was revealed by Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Gilligan had earlier revealed that the idea for the El Camino film came to him during the shooting of the final episode of the series but he decided to keep it to himself. It was around in 2018, while speaking to Aaron Paul about the ten year anniversary of Breaking Bad's premiere, that Gilligan pitched idea to him.

Talking about it Gilligan said, "He called me, I guess it’s been a couple of years now, and we were talking about some fun things we were gonna do surrounding the ten-year anniversary of Breaking Bad — which is just so crazy to think about — but at the end of the call, he’s like, ‘I have this idea I want to run by you. What are your thoughts on maybe jumping into Jesse Pinkman again?' I’m like, ‘What do you mean?’ He’s like, ‘There’s just this idea I can’t stop thinking about, but I only want to do it if it’s perfect.’ I go, ‘Vince, I would follow you into a fire. Of course I trust you.'"

Following this, Gilligan spent seven months writing the script of the film before contacting Paul again. The film follows the story of Jesse Pinkman after he escapes the compound at the end of the series. According to Aaron Paul, Vince Gilligan couldn't stop wondering what would Jesse Pinkman would be doing after his escape and wanted to have a story on that.

Aaron Paul also added that the film does justice to the series and does not ruin the legacy of Breaking Bad. He said, "If you trusted Vince throughout that entire series, you should absolutely trust him in this film. He’s the last person that wants to mess with his legacy, and he absolutely crushed it."

Vince Gilligan even took extreme steps to keep the entire project a secret. Matt Jones, who plays the role of Badger in the series, is set to reprise his role in the film. Jones had revealed that the cast and crew staying in hotels near the shooting location were made to give pseudonyms to the hotel. The cast was not given a script and therefore each member only knew their part in the film alone. Jones even went on to say that Gilligan shot a few fake scenes to keep the cast members in the dark.

El Camino released theatrically as well as on Netflix on October 11.

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first published:October 11, 2019, 16:38 IST