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Aaron Paul Says No Breaking Bad Sequel Planned After El Camino

Still from 'Breaking Bad ' | Image for representation

Still from 'Breaking Bad ' | Image for representation

Fans had been hoping that Vince Gilligan's El Camino would serve as a backdoor for a Breaking Bad sequel series.

The narrative of any television series is a very delicate topic. Wrapping up a show often comes with many ends to tie up and clearing up unanswered questions throughout the series. While answering questions is important, shows often leave open endings making fans wonder about the future. This often serves as a good discussion point revolving around the show. Breaking Bad continues to be one of many shows that left a lot of open discussions after its end.

Breaking Bad ended with a lot of potential questions and fans have not been able to rest since then. After six years of the show's last episode being aired, fans are still just as curious about the future of Jesse Pinkman. To everyone's surprise and joy, Vince Gilligan the show's creator offered to answer the questions through the film El Camino. 

Trailers of the film revealed that it would follow the story of Jesse Pinkman after his immediate escape from the compound after being rescued by Walter White. What has gotten fans riled up is their anticipation and hopes of a possible sequel series after the film. Sadly Aaron Paul who plays Jesse Pinkman has quashed these hopes. Speaking to The Guardian he said, "I thought we finished that story six years ago. And now I zipped on the skin again. People were just so passionate and wanted answers. Asking when the next series of Breaking Bad was gonna be — you can put that dream away — wanting to know what happens to Jesse. And what happened to Jesse."

After years of the show ending, Paul reveals that the curiosity of fans around the world has been unwavering regarding the fate of his character. He said, "I love the way the show ended — that it left it very vague. You’d like to think he’s riding off into the sunset, but you know life isn’t going to be that easy for him. People, almost on a daily basis, ask me, ‘What happened to Jesse?’ My response is, ‘I have no idea. In reality, he’s probably on the run and in hiding. His fingerprints were all over that murder scene.’ But I fantasized that he was just living in the woods somewhere, maybe working with his hands again, creating things with wood."

El Camino will see a few familiar recurring characters but whether Bryan Cranston will appear in the film in any way at all is not known. The film is set to release on October 11.

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